What must be toggled on in the campaign settings to reach out to first degree connections?

Include prospects


Bob, Fred, and Marco are in the same workspace. They are worried about reaching out to the same contacts on LinkedIn. How can this be prevented?

Toggle on deduplicate profiles in the workspace settings.


How much does it cost to purchase a phone number through FunnelFlo?

starts at 20 credits and is charged monthly


You notice on the customer onboarding form that a customer has LinkedIn Recruiter. What should you do?

Immediately notify Caroline.


What is the best practice for adding new prospects into a campaign?

Duplicate the campaign, then add the new search link.


What are 2 ways to add users into a workspace?

1. Invite to the workspace from inside the user's account.

2. Add the user on the backend- can search for existing users or add new email. You would then need to send them credentials.


What are 4 different ways Ai can be used within the software?

1. Magic Campaigns

2. Ai sentiment (labels)

3. Ai campaign message (automated)

4. Ai inbox reply


What is the best practice for when a customer uses the "warming-up" feature and has effectively warmed up their account?

Turn off the warming up and manually set metrics.


There are many reasons why a campaign could be paused. Name 3 of them.

1. Prospect responds

2. Prospect "unfriends" you on LinekdIn

3. Proxy needs refreshed/issue with account

4. Prospect is moved into a new campaign.

One of the options within the Workspace settings is, "Verify prospect's email before sending." What does this do?

It increases the odds of it landing in an active inbox! Leads to better open rates and improves the health of their email domain.


What will happen if a customer includes a step in the campaign to "like the last 3 posts," but, the prospect does not have any posts to "like"?

The campaign will skip over that step and carry on.


In order to use the "invite to event" feature in a campaign, what must be true?

The prospect must be a 1st degree connection.


What are the 3 options for the To field when sending emails and how do they work?

Personal = LinkedIn

Work = CSV file

Enrichment = Enriched profile


Lars is the workspace Admin and has 10 BDRs in his workspace. Lars is tired, and wants his assistant Sterling to manage 3 of the BDR accounts. Lars does not want Sterling to have access to his LinkedIn account. Is this possible? How?

Workspace Settings > Manage Members Access > Manage LinkedIn Accounts Access > assign Sterling to the 3 BDRs


How can you stay complaint and use the SMS feature inside of FunnelFlo?

Glad you asked: 



Click the image or view your video from Caroline Zoba here            


A customer is creating a group campaign. The group includes 25,678 members. How many people in the group will receive the message?

2500 is the max that can be pulled in from any link


Build a functional smart campaign from scratch. Customer wants to include email and LinkedIn in their outreach; would prefer not to use the enrichment step unless necessary; time delays for the connection request should be: 1 day, 5 hrs; 2 days, 5 hrs; 5 days

Answers will vary


What's the cap on Admins that a workspace can have?

Trick question- there isn't one!


A customer emails to let you know that he tried to manually send a message from the inbox. There are 2 red x's, one appearing to the top left and one appearing at the bottom right. What do each of these x's mean?

Top left = you can cancel the message before it goes out. This one will be an x with a circle background. 

Bottom right = the message failed to send; there isn’t usually a reason that the customer is at fault for this. Devs need to find the reason why for that.


What must you do before you can utilize the Pipeline in FunnelFlo?

You must integrate your CRM or FunnelFlo CRM.