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Professor Oak offers this Water-type starter to beginning trainers in Pallet Town. 

Who is Squirtle?


Miko Yagami is a bit chaotic but fights alongside her friends in Season 1 using this element. 

What is wind?

(What is air?)


How many tens are in 63?

What is 6?

An Avenger for a time and an X-Man, his signature yellow suit and claws are more than enough of a clue.

Who is Wolverine?


Sugar, spice, and this ingredient plus a little Chemical X created three perfect little girls.

What is Everything Nice?


This Generation 1 Electric mouse has yellow cheeks which contrasts with the red of its pre-evolved form. 

Who is Raichu?


In Season 2, we meet a woman named Clara Saltzer who has this important job, which brings her close to Dante.

What is a caregiver? 

(Who is a caregiver?)


The words "am", "is", and "are" are classified as this part of speech. 

What is a verb?


Classified as an Omega-level mutant, this psychic heroine goes on to inherit a deadly cosmic power known as the Phoenix Force.

Who is Jean Grey?

(Who is Marvel Girl?)

(Who is Rachel Summers?)


Dexter's laboratory was consistently invaded by this tutu-wearing older sister. 

Who is Dede?


According to Bulbapedia, the English name for this Gen I fighter came from this Enter the Dragon star.

Who is Hitmonlee?


This was the second spirit creature to ever be captured by the Charmers and it's a reference to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

What is the White Rabbit?

(What is the Inaba White Rabbit?)


The Missouri Compromise was a (failed) attempt to prevent slavery from spreading westward, so Missouri was admitted as a slave state while this state became a "free" one. 

What is Maine?


In most storylines, this powerful mutant comes from a long line of African priestesses. 

Who is Storm?

(Who is Ororo Monroe?)


When pollution plagued the planet, the goddess Gaia chose five children from around the world to harness five rings to bring forth this hero. 

Who is Captain Planet?


This pair of Gen I fish are unique in that they evolve from queen to king. 

Who are Goldeen and Seaking?


This Season 1 antagonist is the brother of Norok and first fought the Charmers in the World of the Dead.

Who is Shien?


Based on color theory, this color is considered the opposite of yellow due to its placement on the color wheel. 

What is purple?


This mutant has two unique abilities including one that changes the composition of her skin while sacrificing her psychic abilities. 

Who is Emma Frost?


Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo live in this place where Mac visits every day.

What is Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?


This original 151 is a dual-type Pokemon still unable to breed, unlike its male counterpart. 

Who is Nidoqueen?


Kari's familiar Cheery has a different origin story, as it originates from this Tarot Card instead of the Spirit World like the others. 

What is The Lovers?


This tissue found in vascular plants transports water from the roots to the rest of the plant. 

What is xylem?

This blue mutant was tortured and ridiculed as a child based on his appearance, which led him to use his (albeit handy) powers to escape.

Who is Nightcrawler?


This fiery-tempered Looney Tune has always hated that "onery carrot-eatin' varmint!"

Who is Yosemite Sam?