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What year did Yolanda's family first arrive to Utah? 

When is 1985? 


The place of residence for the Muffin Man. 

Where is Drury Lane?


This hot Colombiana is known for her role as "Gloria Ramirez" in ABC's hit show, "Modern Family"

Who is Sofia Vergara? 


This group of 4 "plastics" are rendered as icons for their scandalous production of the Christmas Classic, "Jingle Bell Rock" 

Who are the Mean Girls? 


This country is known for its indigenous production of the Maize crop. 

What is Mexico?


This person is responsible for the reckoning of a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee while in the parking lot of a local Mormon Church.  

Who is Ramon? 


You can't make bread without this crucial core ingredient, which has also sprouted names like Gardenia, Orchid, and Daisy.

What is Flour or Flower? 


This sister in a most influential and powerful family is notorious for seeking out lovers who fall trap to incessant infidelity.

Who is Khloe Kardashian?


In the first movie of the "Home Alone" series, the McCallister family flies to this city for Christmas, leaving Kevin all by himself. 

Where is Paris? 


This country was the first in recorded history to use paper money.

What is China?

This person was born February 7th. 

Who is Fabiola?


In Greek, the term for ánthropos máfin means this in English.

What is "Muffin Man"? 


This Real Housewife was sentenced to 11 months in Federal prison for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud. 

Who is Teresa (or Teresa Giudice)?


José Feliciano wrote and released this Christmas classic hit on November 9th, 1970, wishing his loved ones a "próspero año y felicidad"

What is "Feliz Navidad"


The country North of the USA

What is Canada? 


In 1994, this person becomes the first US high school graduate in our family. 

Who is Janet? 


The mixed-breed of dog that Muffin is.

What is a Cavapoo? 


This celebrity was known for playing "Eleven" on the hit Netflix series, "Stranger Things"

Who is Millie Bobbie Brown? 


The name of the main villain in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Who is the Oogie Boogie Man?


This country is currently hosting the FIFA Soccer World Cup

Where is Quatar?


This person is part of the graduating class of 2025.

Can be any of the following: 

-Who is Maximus (Maxine Waters)? High School

-Bryanna Garcia - Bachelors 

-Dario Gomez - Bachelors 


This character from the Shrek series is a direct creation of the Muffin Man. 

Who is Gingie or Gingerbread Man? 


This sexy Superman stud was cast in the movie "Elona Holmes" and was the lead in the Netflix series, "The Witcher"

Who is Henry Cavill (Can also be "daddy Cavill" or "The love of Steven's life")? 

The place of birth of baby Jesus.
Where is Bethlehem?

This country is famous for being the home to the pasta capital of the world. 

What is Italy?

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