5th Grade
Decimal Addition
5th Grade Fractions
5th Grade Volume
5th Grade Place Value
5th Grade
Mixed Operations

Brenda and Jenna saved up $81.72 and $45.28 respectively to buy a gift for Mother’s Day. How much money in all have the sisters set aside for the gift?



 Find the product.

2/5 x 1/4 = n



What is the formula for Volume?

V = L x W x H


V = Bh


What is the name of the number system we use?

 Base ten. This means that place value in any number is based on a pattern of tens.


There are 345 fifth graders enrolled at Wilson Middle School and 15 fifth-grade classrooms. How many students are in each class if each class has the same number of students?

345  ÷  15 = 23


Miley buys an assorted box of chocolates that contains 18.61 ounces of dark chocolate and 37.23 ounces of milk chocolate. How much do the chocolates weigh in total?

55.84 ounces


Find the sum.

7/10 + 1/2 = n 

1 and 1/5


Gareth has a rectangular pencil cup on his desk. The cup is 3 inches long, 2 inches  wide, and 5 inches high. What is the volume of the pencil cup?

30 cubic inches


What equation can be written to show that 10 times 3 tenths is 3?

10 x 0.3 = 3


Mr. Davis buys 4 pizzas for a family dinner. He cuts each pizza into sixths. How many pieces of pizza does Mr. Davis have for the family dinner?

24 pieces of pizza


Reynard and his friends visited an orchard on Sunday. They picked 12.34 pounds of apples and 9.56 pounds of bluberries. How much did the fruits weigh in all?

21.9 pounds


Gavin’s water bottle has 1 3/8 cups of water. He drinks 1/2 cup. How much water is in the bottle?



Coen is making a clay vase. He wants the interior of the vase to be a rectangular prism with base 3 inches long and 3 inches wide. He wants the vase to hold 45 cubic inches of water. How tall should Coen make the vase?

H = 5 inches


What equation can be written to show that 5 divided by 10 is 5 tenths?

5 ÷  10 = 0.5


What is the value of the expression shown below?

2, 158 ÷ 26



Susan placed an order for a drum set priced at $79.99 and an electronic organ for $54.49. How much does Susan have to pay in total once she receives the items?



A town park has two biking trails. Marsh Trail is 5 3/10 miles long. Woodland Trail is 2 4/5 miles long. How much longer is Marsh Trail than Woodland Trail?

2 and 1/2


Evie uses 20 square inches of cardboard for the base of a box. The box has a height of 6 inches. What is the volume of the box?

120 cubic inches


Divide by 10: 800,_____ , 8, 0.8, 0.08, _____



A certain dishwasher uses 29 kilowatts of energy per hour. If the dishwasher was used 156 hours last year, how many kilowatts of energy did the dishwasher use last year?

4,524 kilowatts


Lily Hayes ran a distance of 3.57 miles on Saturday as a part of her morning workout. On Sunday, she ran 4.98 miles. How many miles in all did Lily run over the weekend?

8.55 miles


Daniel needs to make 6 pizza crusts. He has 20 ounces of dough and wants to use the same amount of dough for each crust. He weighs a portion of dough for 1 crust on a scale. The weight, in ounces, should fall between what two whole numbers?

20 ounces divided by 6 pizza crusts = 20/ 6 or 3 2/6 ounces per pizza crust. 3 2/6 is between 3 and 4.


A cardboard box has a volume of 60 cubic feet. Give the measurements that could be the dimensions of the box.

Any 3 factors that equal a product of 60 cubic feet

Example: 1 x 1 x 60


In which number does the digit 5 have a greater value, 0.05 or 0.005? How many times as great is the value? Explain how you know

0.5, because 0.05 is 1/10 of 0.5

0.5, because 0.5 is 10 times grater than 0.05 

There are 128 pens in a full box. How many pens are in 35 full boxes?

4,480 pens