Self Regulation

I woke up, ate breakfast, what is next in my morning routine?



What is my brain doing when I get to the "top of the hill?" 

Not thinking! Survival mode! Fight, flight, freeze


What does active listening look like?

Eye contact (if comfortable) Restating what someone said, nodding.


Scenario:  You want to go out with friends on Friday night. You have to ask your parent! 

Describe situation to parent in a clear way! Say exactly what you want!

Hey mom/ dad, I would like to go out with my friends on Friday night.

Mom comes home and walks through the door, you hear her sigh and her body looks tense. What could she be feeling? 

She could be feeling frustrated/ stressed.


I woke up, ate breakfast, showered, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went down to play with Scout. What did I forget to do?



Name two things you can do before you get to the top of your hill to bring you back down?

Pleasant activities, walk away.


What is the goal of communicating?

To get your ideas/needs/wants heard as well as hearing thoughts/needs/wants/ and ideas of others.


Express how you feel/ opinions and give brief why you feel that way using I statements.

I feel that I have proven that I am responsible enough to go out with my friends and I feel that it would be a helpful and fun for me to get out of the house on Friday.


Your brother needs something when your parents aren't home and can't reach them on the phone because they are at work. What could your brother be feeling?



Order these tasks of your morning routine

1Play with scout


3Wash Face

4Brush teeth

5Get out of bed

6Put on deoderant 

7 Breakfast

5, 7, 2, 3, 4, 6, 1


Is your first/ automatic thought always helpful to get what you need/ want or helpful in communicating effectively?

Not always. If your first thought may not be helpful or positive, try reframing that thought! 


Name one barrier to communication.

Challenged by active listening, empathy, different ideas, frustration.

Assert: Ask for what you want, Be clear! 

Can I please go out with my friends on Friday at 5pm?


Mom tells you she had a stressful day. What can you do to help her out?

Do chores/ tasks, ask her if she needs help with anything.


What is a chore that I do that helps to keep the house and me clean and healthy?

Cleaning Bathroom/ laundry/ Dishes/ Cleaning room


Reframe this thought! It is so annoying that I have to do this chore right now.

If I do this chore, I can do what I want to do after I am done! 


You are having a hard time understanding what someone else in communication. What can you do?

Ask questions. Be mindful of how you are feeling.


Reinforce! How can this help the person that you're talking with? Mom/Dad

I would be thankful and hanging out with my friends helps me to de-stress after the week, so that we can have a nice weekend together.


Dad is trying to get a task done and asks you for help but you are already doing something you want to do and don't feel like doing what he wants. What can you do?

I can return to what I want to do after I help my dad! 


What is 2-3 goals that I can set for my hygiene regimen to make sure that I complete it?



What do these things do? Explain!


Intense Exercise

Paced Breathing

Progressive muscle relaxation

Works to calm me down!

T(chewing on ice, drinking cold water)

I: Exercising body--> increases happy chemicals

P: Square breathing dandelion breathing

P: clench body, then relax


What is an I statement?

What does it do?

 Turn the following example into an I statement: You make me so mad!!!!!!

An I statement is something you use to communicate effectively Follows this format: I feel.... when you.... next time...

It tells someone how your feeling without blame--> helps to get feeling/ point across in successful way.

Example: I feel frustrated when you say things in that way, next time can you say that in a different way?


Does being mindful of your goal, your body language, as well as negotiating help you to get what you want? 


Your friend and you play a game and your friend keeps losing. Your friend gets quiet and stops talking during the game. What may your friend be feeling? What can you do?

Your friend may be discouraged! You could offer to take a break or to play a different game!

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