Subordinating Conjunctions
Compound sentences

Say if the each verb is a regular or irregular verb.

eat, feel, walk, enjoy.

eat -  irregular

feel - irregular 

walk - regular

enjoy -  regular


What is a noun?

Person, place, thing, animal.


Which is the main clause.

Until he falls asleep. His mom will read to Jake.

His mom will read to Jake.


Which are the 3 connecting words?

and , or , but


Change this verbs to the past tense.

stop, cry, stay, want.

stop - stopped

cry - cried

stay - stayed

want - wanted


Are these singular or plural?

washers, airport, tissues, scarves, cliff.

washers- plural

airport- singular

tissues- plural

scarves- plural

cliff - singular


Which is the dependant clause?

Noah peeled the carrots. While the pasta was cooking.

While the pasta was cooking.


When do we use and?

To join two sentences with similar ideas.


Change these irregular verbs.

make, have, be, give.

make - made

have - had

be - was/were

give - gave


Change the noun from singular to plural.

loaf, lady, paper, dish, wife.

loaf -  loaves

lady- ladies

paper- papers

dish- dishes

wife- wives


What do you do to make it 1 sentence?

Since she was a teenager. Lisa has not seen her aunt.

Since she was a teenager, Lisa has not seen her aunt.


When do we use but and or?

But- To join two sentences with contrasting ideas.

Or - To show a choice between two different ideas.


Say the 5 rules for the past tense.

1. Add d,

2. Add ed

3. Verbs ending in a vowel + y add ed

4. Verbs ending consonant + y change y to i add ed

5. Consonant, vowel, consonant add another consonant and add ed


Say 2 rules for nouns.

1. Add s (phone)

2. End in ch, ss, sh, x, z add es (watch)

3. Ends in consonant + y add es (family)

4. Ends in f or fe change f to v and add es (wolf)


What are subordinating conjunctions?

Words that connect a dependent clause with the main clause (complete sentence).


What are compound sentences?

Two simple sentences. Each with a suject and a verb. Joined to form a compound sentence

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