Coping Skills

What are some coping skills you use or would like to try using?


Lower your expectations.

Ask others to help or assist you.

Take responsibility for the situation.

Engage in problem solving.

Maintain emotionally supportive relationships. Maintain emotional composure or, alternatively, expressing distressing emotions.

Challenge previously held beliefs that are no longer adaptive.

Directly attempt to change the source of stress.

Distance yourself from the source of stress.

View the problem through a religious perspective.


What is writing down thoughts and feelings about what you experience?



Give an example of non-verbal communication.

 rolling eyes, shrugging shoulders, etc.


What emotion can present like, very enthusiastic and eager ?



Before sugar was available, which ingredient was used to make candy?

A. Maple syrup, B. Coconut, C. Honey

C. Honey


Name 3 coping skills that you have? 

My coping skills are ...


Name three healthy coping skills you have used this week.

answers vary 


What are primary emotions?

Anger, Sadness, Fear, Joy, Disgust


Twizzlers is a brand of which candy manufacturer?

A. Hershey, B. Mars, C. Nestle

A. Hershey


Name a coping skill that you can use to express your feelings?

arts/crafts, journaling, coloring/drawing, listening to music, talking to a safe person and etc.


 Name 5 place where you feel calm and safe


What is it called when a person relates to or tries to understand another person's feelings, usually in an attempt to comfort them?



Do you have to like a person in order to be respectful, or can you be respectful to someone even if you don't particularly care for them?

Be respectful to people who are different from you, even if you don't understand them very well. The differences among us are what make life interesting, and besides, you probably have more in common with people than you know. Be courteous and civil even when you don't see where someone else is coming from. You don't have to love everyone you meet and certainly don't have to agree with them, but you can still show them respect. Be respectful of others, no matter the differences.


How can a 1:1 be a coping skill?

You can talk to staff, express your feelings and get help using coping skills


Positive self-talk is a positive coping skill. Give an example of positive self-talk.

 I am good at _____. I have a good____. I like_____ about myself, I am good at_____.etc." I care about myself. I am loved by____________.


What are some secondary emotions? 

Frustration, Cheerfulness, Disappointment, Nervousness, Affection 


Do you think it's okay to insult or make fun of people as long as they don't hear it? Explain...


How can knowing your triggers help you? 

When you know your triggers, you can be prepared to use your identified coping skills


Why it is important to identify positive coping skills that work for you?

Coping skills help you tolerate, minimize, and deal with stressful situations in life. Managing your stress well can help you feel better physically and psychologically, and it can impact your ability to perform your best.


What is a state of mind often described as "without passion" ?



What is the difference between unhealthy and healthy coping skills? Name 2 of each skills

hey are both coping skills and therefore alleviate your negative feelings, however, the difference is...

Unhealthy Coping Skills only help to relieve your depression, anxiety, or stress while you're doing it or for the short term and may have negative impacts if used too often. (examples- substance use, self-harm, overeating, bullying or harming others, or too much screen time.)

Healthy Coping Skills help relieve your depression, anxiety, or stress for the longer and may have long-term benefits. (examples- exercise, finding hobbies and interests, being outside, walking, communicating your feelings to yourself and others, mindfulness practices.)


Name an unhealthy coping skill and tell why it is an unhealthy one? 

Isolating, avoiding the situation, using substances, self-harm, excessive sleeping etc.


Five of my positive qualities are?


What is synonym of Nervous?

Anxious, Tense


Who can benefit from using coping skills? When should they be used? AND why?

Everyone! All the time! Everyone goes through emotional stress. From demanding schoolwork to relationship troubles, it's normal to experience stress that affects your mood and makes life difficult. Coping skills are important to help everyone get through these tough times.


You are feeling anxious, what can you do? 

Take space if you need,use a healthy coping skill, talk to a trusted adult, talk to staff and ask for support, talk to your therapist about it, talk to your friends about how you feel


What are some bad coping skills?

  • Avoiding issues. Though this might feel like an easier way to deal with current problems, pushing back your issues will ultimately reach the surface again, possibly as a trigger.
  • Sleeping too much. Very similar to avoiding issues this is another distraction that might feel better at the moment. Your body needs rest but also requires physical movement as well.
  • Excessive use of online activities.
  • Over or under eating. Your body needs nutrition and fuel to function throughout the day. Anything over or under the recommended guidance can cause severe health issues or sickness. 
  • Being angry and inappropriately treating others by purposely instigating them. 
  • Insulting others, using inappropriate language. 

When do infants start to show anger and fear?

6-8 months