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This was the director who directed "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

a. Henry Selick

b. John Master

C. Steven Crock

a. Who is Henry Selick?


This was the original meaning for dressing up in costumes on Halloween

What is hiding from ghosts?


Michael Jackson's Thriller was shot on this budget (Answers should be rounded to the nearest hundred-thousand)

a. What is the music video for "Thriller?"


This person founded the Hershey company

a. Hershey T. Walker

b. Milton S. Hershey

c. Harry Hersh

b. Who was Milton S. Hershey?


In which country did Halloween originate?



  What is Michael Myers’ middle name in the movie Halloween?

a. Audrey

b. Sherman

c. Francis

d. Aurthur

a. Audry. We learn this when he is being tried for his sister’s murder.


This is what jack o lanterns were originally carved into

a. apples

b. squash

c. turnips

c. What are turnips?


This was the year when Reese's was founded

a. 1928

b. 1945

c. 1950

a. What is 1928?


This is the year when the first Dracula movie came out

a. 1901

b. 1931


b. What is 1931?


This was the year when the song "Monster Mash" was released

a. 1950

b. 1955

c. 1962

c. What is 1962?


This president loved to eat jelly beans

a. Ronald Reagen

b. George Bush

c. Gerald Ford

d. Donald Trump

a. Who is Ronald Reagan?


What was the name of the sidekick in Bram Stoker's Dracula?

a. Vermon

b. Renfield

c. Fischer

b. Renfield


This is the name of the father in "The Addams Family."

a. Gomez

b. Gordon

c. Lurch

a. Who is Gomez Addams?


Which real-life figure is regarded as the inspiration for Dracula?

a. Vlad the Impaler

b. Elizabeth Báthory

c. Johnny Depp

a. Vlad the Impaler


In the movie "E.T.," this was the candy that Elliot used to find E.T.

a. Reese's Pieces

b. Skittles

c. M&M's

a. What are Reese's Pieces


What does the name "Dracula" loosely translate to?

a. Son of the Devil

b. Man of Blood

c. Bad Spirit

a. Son of the Devil


This is the fear of Halloween

a. what is Hallophobia

b. Samhainophobia

c. Henopaphobia

b. What is Samhainophobia?


This musical was nominated for best original song at the Oscars in 1986

a. Little Shop of Horrors

b. Rocky Horror Picture Show

c. Nightmare Before Christmas

A. What is "Little Shop Of Horrors."


This is what the two M's stand for in the M&M's logo

a. Matt and Monkey

b. Mars and Murrie

c. Milton and Murrie

b. What is Mars and Murrie?


Transylvania is a region in which country?



Try and unscramble the following word: BINLOG in order to reveal an ugly, short, green creature that is usually dangerous to humans?



What is the original name for what we now call Candy Corn?

a. Chicken Feed

b. Corn Candy

c. Sweet Corn

Chicken feed


In which US State is it illegal to dress like a priest or nun for Halloween?

a. Texas

b. Arizona

c. Alabama

c. Alabama.  According to Section 13A-14-4, impersonating the clergy is a misdemeanor with a fine up to $500 or up to a year in jail.


 What type of branches, laid across a vampire's grave, prevent it from rising at night?


b. oak

c. aspen

d. hawthorn

c. aspen


Who famously died on October 31, 1926

a. Harry Houdini

b. Harry Anderson

c. Elvis Presley

c. Marilyn Monroe

a. Harry Houdini. (Initially considered a hoax)


Vic Mizzy created what theme song for a popular tv show?

a. The Adam's Family

b. The Munster's

c. Ghostbusters

a. The Adam's Family


What's the color order of a piece of candy corn (base to point)

Yellow (base), orange (middle), and white (top)


In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, what is the name of Leatherface's family?

a. The Sawyers

b. The McDonald's

c. The Potters

a. The Sawyers


How many people were executed during the Salem Witch Trials?

a. 22

b. 19

c. 15

b. 19


"Black Magic Woman" was originally performed by what music group?

a. Black Sabath

b. Fleetwood Mac

c. Crosby, Stills and Nash

b. Fleetwood Mac


What is the most popular Halloween candy, measured in sales?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups


What is the first name of Mary Shelley's Dr. Frankenstein?

a. It is never stated

b. Herbert

c. Francis

d. Victor

d. Victor.

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