Molly and Taylor went trick or treating. Molly got 6 pieces of candy from the house. Taylor ate SOME of the candy. There are 4 pieces left.

How many pieces did Taylor eat?

Taylor ate 2 pieces


James and Mario are collecting mushrooms. Mario collects 2 red mushrooms and James collects 5 green ones. 

How many total mushrooms did they collect?

They have 7 mushrooms.


Chase is going fishing. He catches 9 fish. Some of the fish jump back into the water. He has 6 fish left.

How many jumped back into the water? 

3 fish jumped back into the water


Maddie and Marcie went pumpkin picking with their unicorn. They had 8 pumpkins total. The unicorn ate SOME pumpkins. They have 4 left.

How many pumpkins did the unicorn eat?

They unicorn ate 4 pumpkins.


Brayden had 9 pieces of candy. He ate 3 pieces.

How many pieces of candy does he have left?

Brayden has 6 pieces left.


Casper the ghost says "Lets go play sparkle!"

We have to count by 2s


Liam and Johnny are playing soccer. Liam scores 2 goals and Johnny scores 2 goals. How many total goals did they score?

They scored 4 goals.


Spookley the Pumpkin says "Lets play sparkle!!"

Lets count by 10s up to 50


Kathleen made 7 cookies. Conner ate some. Now Kathleen has 5 cookies left.

How many cookies did Conner eat?

Conner ate 2 cookies


Charleigh and Baby Yoda are decorating cookies. They decorate 10 cookies but then Baby Yoda eats 8 of them.

How many cookies do they have left?

They have 2 cookies left.


Michael has 2 blue crayons and 3 yellow crayons.

How many totals crayons does Michael have?

Michael has 5 total crayons


Liliana is carving pumpkins for Brooke. Liliana makes 5 total pumpkins. She gives Brooke 3 of them.

How many does Liliana have left?

Liliana has 2 pumpkins left.


Let's play a game!! Candy drop but we don't have any candy so I guess we're playing Penny Drop!!


Jack Skellington says "Lets play a game!"

Penny drop starting with 9 pennies


Jojo was playing tag with 9 students at recess. Some students went inside. Now there are 6 students outside with Jojo.

How many students went inside?

3 students went inside


Luke is selling pumpkins. He has 9 pumpkins for sale. SOME students bought pumpkins from him. He has 3 pumpkins left.

How many pumpkins did he sell?

He sold 6 pumpkins

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