Physical Health
Mental Health
Social Health

What is the type of contraception that includes the use of a plastic material on the exterior of the body and is 87 percent effective?

An external condom


What type of wellness category does procrastination fall into?

Emotional Wellness


What people may have a hard time with socially?

Give one example

Making friends


For Physical Wellness, what is one way to avoid getting sick?

Washing your hands or wearing a mask


What is a strategy for putting your emotions on paper and releasing negative energy?

Writing down anything stressful and looking at what can be dealt with, then throwing away what you cannot control


What can someone do to talk to someone online to have a healthy social interaction?

A virtual therapist can be very useful


What range of sleeping hours is desirable and good for your health?

Eight to ten hours


What is the strategy used for taking a break and decreasing stress? Examples of this could be taking a bubble bath or getting your nails done.

Self-Care Strategy


How does social health impact everyday life?

There are many people at school, either classmates or teachers, that you interact with


What type of contraception needs a prescription and comes in a pack for daily use?

The Pill


What is an option for schools that can help those struggling in school and can take a day off?

(This was explained in a TED Talk)

Mental Health Days


What is the third step in creating a S.M.A.R.T. Goal?

Attainable Action Steps


What is one physical effect that stimulants have on the user?

Eating is not as frequent


What are two reasons that a Peace Place is helpful for mental health?

This is a place to decompress and collect yourself.

The place is chosen by the person and has a special relationship with them.


What does A.C.T. stand for? How does this socially comfort others?

A: Acknowledge

C: Care

T: Tell

This spreads awareness and lets people feel understood