Physical Health
Mental Health
Social Health

A balanced diet consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, protein and more. Why is that so?

A balanced diet consists of the nutriance needed for your body to function properly. 


Your friend is showing signs of depression/ suicidal thoughts. What is the first thing you should do?

- Never be the last person with the information.

- Tell a trusted adult (guidance counselor, parent ect.)

- sit down and talk to them about it, ask them if there okay.


2 truths and a lie. 

-Being isolated is a sign your social health needs help. 

-Having a lack of trust is a sign your social health needs help 

-Not eating or drinking a healthy diet is a sign your social health needs help 

Which one is false?

- Not eating or drinking a healthy diet is a sign your social health needs help. 


Partaking in regular physical activity everyday is good for you. Why? 

It can help you manage your weight, improve your cardiac health, and lower your risk of injury. this is good for the body in the long run.


Alcohol does not just affect your physical health but your mental health as well. How does alcohol and substances affect one's mental health?

-Alcohol is a depressant, which can disrupt the balance of neurotransmitters in one's brain. After the alcohol wears off, it can leave one depressed and anxious. 


Yelling, put-downs, and insults are all examples of an unhealthy relationship. What are some other examples of unhealthy things in a relationship? 

-  Some other examples are shoving/ pushing, lying, keeping you away from friends(isolation)


Being a clean and well washed person is very important to have a stable physical health. actions like washing your hands, ect. are very important. Why is this so?

Maintaining a clean and well washed body is important for you because it helps prevent illnesses and diseases. 


What are some warning signs that someone is struggling with there mental health?

- self isolation 

- drastic change in personality 

-not eating/ drinking 

- doing bad in school 

-substance abuse 


participating in a wide variety of sports, and extracurricular activities is important for your social health. Why? 

it's important because exposing yourself to more people, places, and things helps you become more comfortable with social aspects and improves your social health. 


It is important for a teenager to get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. This is beneficial for school. Why is this so? 

why?- it helps you stay focused, improves your concentration, and improves your academic performance in school. 


Why is it hard for someone with a mental health problem to get the help they need? 


- There are a lack of beds/ spots for people in rehab centers

- it's a lot of money and not everyone can afford to pay for it.


What are some signs that your social health needs help? 

- Unhealthy relationships with family, friends, partners

- self isolation 

- participate in a variety of extra activates/ sports ect. 


 It is a known fact that Alcohol is bad for your body. Why is that so?  

 Drinking increases your risk for diabetes and weight gain. It also increases your risk for many different types of cancer. 


What are some good ways to keep your mental health stable and good? 

- maintain healthy relationships with friends

- eat and have a healthy stable diet

- be able to cope and handle stress well

-stay up to date and on top of work

POV - your partner has been showing abusive signs in your relationship, what are the first steps you take to saftey. 

- tell someone trusted to inform them of the situation. 

- talk to your partner about it if safe