physical health
mental health
social health

What are 3 examples of physical health?

diet (eat healthy/keep out sugars, etc)

sleep (get 8 hours of sleep)

excersize (try to get a walk in daily or little jogs weekly)


Name and describe 3 mental health disorders.

Anxiety-constant worrying stress and fear in everyday situations

depression-an illness that negatively affects how you feel like lowering of a persons mood or motivation

OCD(obsessive, compulsive, disorder)-thoughts and fears leading to compulsive behaviors


What is social health?

The way people create healthy relationships with one another.


How do you prevent contracting STI(D)s?

abstinence, using external condoms, few to one partner, constant testing, etc..


What are some signs of suicide?

mood change, absense, not wanting to get up, depression, anxiety


What are some signs of a healthy relationship?

communication, respect, time away from each other, trust, honesty, etc..


Why is taking care of your physical health important?

It has a lot of long term affects and regular activity can improve your quality of life and happiness. 


What does A.C.T stand for and what does this look like?

A=Acknowledge, starting the conversation, asking if they are having thoughts of suicide.

C=Care, listen, emphasize, and assess their safety

T=Tell, get help or resources


What are signs of a potential abusive relationship?

extreme jealousy, a constant demand to be with you, overprotectiveness, controlling, throwing things, etc


How does the birth control pill work?

It delays ovulation or prevents an egg from releasing.


What are some signs someone might be struggling with anxiety?

difficulty concentrating, constant worrying, shortness of breath, pounding heart, etc..


Why is consent important?

Both partners need to agree before engaging in sexual activity. It shows communication and is respectful and there needs to be boundaries.


How does smoking affect your physical health?

Smoking makes you get less oxygen in many parts of your body, restricting someone from engaging in physical fitness. It also contributes to many other health conditions including cancer.


What are some protective factors for suicide?

access to mental health care, support from family or community, coping skills, limited access to lethal means


Why is it important to keep toxic people out of your life?

Toxic people are draining and diminish you, and without them you feel more confident, positive, and appreaciated.