Physical Health
Mental Health
Social Health

What are some key points of living a healthy lifestyle?

Eating a balanced diet (equal fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, etc)

Drinking enough water daily 

Exercise regularly

Getting good sleep

Maintaining good hygiene

Getting fresh air daily


What are some treatments to alcohol addiction?

Detoxification, cognitive/behavioral therapies, medicated assisted therapies, outpatient/inpatient treatment


True or False: communicating is good for your social health

If true, explain why

True: It reduces stress and anxiety by being able to communicate thoughts and feelings with others. It helps create stronger and more meaningful relationships with others. It also solves problems more efficiently, and it lets others know your needs.


What are 3 signs that you need to improve your physical health?

(example) 1. Little to no exercise

2. Poor eating habits

3. Poor mental health


What are 3 signs that you need to improve your mental health?

(example) 1. Having sleep issues

2. Low energy

3. Having a loss of joy / being emotional


What are 3 signs that you need to improve your social health?

(example) 1. Having too much free time being spent alone

2. Having bad friends

3. Having boundaries constantly crossed


What does the "SMART" acronym stand for?

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable 

R: Relevant

T: Timebound


What is the definition of stigma and why is it important when it comes to mental health?

Stigma happens from a lack of understanding mental health, and it often turns into prejudice and then discrimination. It is important to be well informed about mental health, and to realize that a person cannot control their mental health.


2 truths and 1 lie

1. You can be an introvert but still have social skills

2. Communication can have some positive and negative effects

3. Being socially healthy means that you need to be happy and friendly to everyone all the time.

Truths: 1, 2

Lie: 3

A good part of social health is that setting boundaries is important, and not everyone will respect those boundaries. As a result, it is healthy to let bad relationships go.


What are 3 ways to improve physical health?

(example) 1. staying away from drugs

2. exercise more

3. having a history of little to no diseases


What are 3 ways to improve mental health?

(example) 1. Spend time with nature

2. Improve sleep

3. Try to maintain calm and avoid feeling stressed


What are 3 ways to improve social health?

(example) 1. Having trustworthy friends

2. Share your feelings with others

3. Ask what you need from others


What is the definition of physical health?

The physical state of one's body


What is the definition of mental health?

Mental health involves cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. 

What is the definition of social health?

The ability to interact and form relationships with others.