Physical Health
Mental Health
Social Health

Physical health can be effected by whether one smokes or not. TRUE or FALSE and explain why

TRUE, smoking can cause lasting heart and respiratory problems that can eventually deteriorate the body and lead to death


One can NOT help their mental health by practicing self-care. TRUE or FALSE and explain why

FALSE, self-care is a major factor affecting ones mental health


Social wellness is less important and affects you less than mental or physical health would. TRUE or FALSE



By practicing good physical health, one's stress can be... (higher or lower) and explain why

lower, because by having good physical health, your body pumps up endorphins, which reduce stress


Define mental health

a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being


Name one thing that having good social health could give you

lower anxiety and depression rates, higher self esteem, greater empathy, more trust and cooperation in relationships, etc


Which of these factors does NOT affect your physical health?

1. Lifestyle

2. Environment

3. Spiritual beliefs

4. Access to health care

3. spiritual beliefs


Name one factor that can contribute to one's mental health

Biology (brain chemistry), life experiences, family history of mental health problems, etc


Name 2 different types of social health.

belonging and connection, social skills and communication, social support, social engagement and participation, civic engagement and social justice, etc


Define physical health

a state of well-being when all internal and external body parts, organs, tissues and cells can function properly as they are supposed to function


What can you do if you think your friend is struggling with mental health and having suicidal thoughts?

help them get in touch with professionals, help them find a hospital to stay at, call National Suicide Line, call 911 if an emergency 


Define Social Health

How humans interact and from relationships with others


Name 3 signs that let you know that your physical health needs help.

Signs can include, excessive fatigue, hair loss, poor diet, poor sleep schedule, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, excessive smoking, etc


Name 5 signs that someone struggling with mental health will have.

eating/sleeping too much or too little, pulling away from friends and family, having low energy, feeling helpless, having thoughts of harming yourself, unable to preform daily tasks, abusing drugs, alcohol and smoking, and intense common feelings like confusion, anger, sadness, fear, etc


Why is social health or social wellness important?

It allows you to build healthy relationships with others and become comfortable in social situations.