Social Health
Mental Health
Physical Health

Can toxic friends affect social health? 

Yes, social health can be heavily impacted with friends who aren't good for you. If someone is commenting rudely or being just a toxic friend it can certainly get to someones social wellness 


Can someone struggle with mental health despite being the "always happy friend" 

Yes, it's proven actually that depressed people tend not to show many signs of it. Rather they look like they are "getting better"


What time span is it suggested to get physical activity in a day?

-1 hour

-30 mins

-4 hours

-5 mins

-12 hours 

1 hour


What happens to a persons social life after getting addicted to a substance?

They distance themselves from loved ones and refuse help from people 


Does sleep impact a persons mental health? Explain in detail.

Yes, of course, depending on the age there is a certain amount of sleep people need, and certain times that different ages should sleep. For example it has been proven multiple times that teenagers naturally need to sleep later in the morning and stay up later at night. And adults wake up early and fall asleep earlier.


Does bad mental health also lead to bad physical health? 

Yes usually mental illness may have a direct or indirect impact on physical health


What are some ways to heal social health?

-Take care of yourself. 


-eat healthy

-get enough sleep

-pursue self-care activities

-Make connections with new friendly people with similar interests 

-Make social plans with existing friends or family

-Consider adopting a pet

-Maintain Connections with people already close 

-Seek help when you need it from a trusted adult or even just a trusted friend to talk to 


How much do students think school messes up their mental health approximately?

More than 9 in 10 students say that school has messed up their mental health. 


What are some physical activities encouraged to boost physical health?

-Going outside

-Joining a school sport/club

-Using the treadmill

-Doing some online yoga or a yoga class

-Go swimming in a pool 

-Play an outside activity with a friend EX: Jump Rope, Swing set, Tag, Red Rover, freeze tag, gymnastics competition outside, beach volleyball

-Go to an amusement park for the day and get steps in

-Go to the beach

-Take a Hike

-Go biking/dirt bike riding 

-Find a roller skating rink near you 


What does it mean to have good social health vs. bad?

Being able to adapt to social situations and having a balance between social and personal time is good vs. bad social health would not be a balance and having passive or aggressive behavior 


What do you do if you notice a friend struggling?

1. Ask them nicely if they are okay 

2. offer to listen to them talk about it 

3.suggest hobbies or habits they could pick up that would help (EX: knitting, coloring, playing an instrument, making a slime YouTube channel)

4. if it is really bad talk to an adult or suggest a therapist or help line 

5. If it is immediate danger call 911 or a help line 


What are some signs of declining physical health? 

-weight loss

-changes in appetite

-problems swallowing


-withdrawn without reason

- complaints of muscle weakness

- insomnia

- excessive sleeping


Is social health generally more forgotten than physical and mental health?

Generally unless in a health class, people tend to forget about their social health while trying to maintain the other two, not everyone does this but a general amount of people do 


What percentage of people with mental health problems actually receive help?

Only 48% of people actually get help 


What are some symptoms that occur physically after having a drug addiction?


-Having strokes

-mental confusion and brain damage

-Lung disease

-Problems with memory

-Problems with attention and decision-making, which make daily living more difficult.