Healthy Coping Skills
Unhealthy Coping Skills

Name 3 healthy coping skills.

- Read a Book

- Writing/Drawing/Painting

- Listening to Music

- Spending Time with Friends/Family

- Go for a Walk

- Deep Breathing

- Meditation


Name one example of an unhealthy coping skill.

- Avoiding Help

- Fighting

- Yelling at others

- Harming others or yourself


Which of the following is a benefit of using healthy coping skills?

a.) they reduce stress

b.) they allow us to create better relationships

c.) they allow us to have a healthy mind and body

d.) all of the above

d.) all of the above


True or False: 

Talking to others about problems in our lives is a healthy coping skill.


Talking to others allows us to share our emotions and problems so that we do not have to go through them alone.


How do you make seven an even number?

Take out the "S" in the word seven.


Which of the coping skills below are unhealthy.

- Getting Fresh Air

- Talking to a Trusted Friend/Adult

- Destroying Property

- Hair pulling and eating it

- Exercising

- Playing Sports

- Taking Feelings Out on Others

- Yelling at someone you don't like


Name two unhealthy coping skills.

- Sleeping too Much

- Eating too Much

- Avoiding the Problem


What are some benefits that you have experienced from using healthy coping skills?

- Feeling more relaxed

- Having a clear mind to help solve your problems

- Creating healthy relationships with others

- Being able to think about your response to a situation


True or False:

Every coping skill is healthy.


Some ways that we learn to cope are not healthy for us! (ex: fighting, eating too much, running from problems, etc.)


Why are ghosts bad liars?

Because you can see right through them!


Healthy coping skills help us:

a.) Deal with stressors in our lives

b.) Work through our emotions and problems

c.) Process our thoughts and emotions

d.) All of the above

d.) All of the above

Using healthy coping skills allow us to take a minute and process what is happening with our emotions, stressors, thoughts, and problems.


How can unhealthy coping skills negatively affect our lives?

Unhealthy Coping Skill: Hurt Ourselves, Hurt Others, Creates Problems, Lost Friendships


Exercise is a great coping skill that is good for your mind, body, and ____ .


Exercise helps you stay healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually.


True or False:

Coping skills are used to avoid problems in our lives.


Coping skills help us work through our problems and emotions. You do not want to avoid these! Avoiding is considered an unhealthy coping skill.


How do you make fruit punch?

Give it a boxing lesson.


Describe mindfulness. Is it a coping skill?

Mindfulness is when you center yourself in the present moment. It can be done through meditation, relaxation exercises, or just simply slowing down and taking notice of things that are currently around you. 

Yes, it is a coping skill!


John has a lot of stress from school. When he gets home, he yells at his brothers to get his frustration out. Is this a healthy coping skill and why or why not?


Talking with someone is a great coping skill. However, yelling is unhealthy and it may cause issues in our relationships.


What coping skills can be used to reduce stress? Name three.

- meditation

- talking with someone

- breathing exercises

- exercise

- mindfulness

- yoga


True or False:

Coping skills help you focus on the important things in your life.


When we can cope with problems in our lives, it is easier to focus on everything else that is important to us!


What do you call two witches that live together?



Name three things that you can journal about.

- Your Feelings (sad, happy, mad, motivated, etc.)

- Thoughts

- Favorite Activities 

- Goals 

- Future Events


Suzie gets in to a fight with her mom. She decides to leave the situation and go for a walk. Is this a healthy coping skill?


Going on a walk and leaving the situation is a great way to reduce stress and calm down. 


What do coping skills help us with?

Coping skills help us work through and process our emotions so that we can reduce the effect that stressors have on our lives.


True or False:

Coping skills are not important to your well-being.


Coping skills create a sense of calmness, confidence, and inner-peace. They are important for your overall health.


What do you call a wizard from outer space that can fly?

A flying sorcerer!

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