First humans
Greece: polis, legacy and religion
Greece: Periclean Athens
Rome:Rise, social conflict and more
Rome: The Fall

Charles Darwin was shy to publish his theory about humans being developed from other species, because...

... his theory went against the theory in which God made everything at once


It was a city-state, that was a basic political and institutional unit.

What is the Polis?


Darwin's theory was proven right.

What is with bones that were more like humans' but bit like apes'?


They decided how the Polis would be governed.

Who is the one with upper hand?


The Paleothic people used their knowledge.

What is to hunt and collect: hunters their knowledge of animals, collectors their knowledge of plants?


Greeks went beyond myths and religion, and started what.

What is philosophy and science?


Neolithic people relied on it, instead of hunting and collecting.

What is agriculture?


In Ancient Greeks religion this meant honoring the Polis.

What is the Gods?


Towns grew in size, population and wealth, which led into...

... development of social and political organizations.


They took care of the temples, sacred property and conducted the proper rituals.

Who are the priests?

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