Egypt Timeline
Old Kingdom
Middle Kingdom
New Kingdom

     What are the three time periods of Ancient Egypt?



What are the Old, Middle and New Kingdom's


  The Old Kingdom was called this                                                      


What is the “Age of the Pyramids”



the Middle Kingdom is also known as ... 



the “Golden Age”



The Pharaoh’s during the dynasties of the New Kingdom led ancient Egypt to becoming .... 



a world power



 The Intermediate periods between the 3 Kingdoms were known as what? 



Transitional Periods 


The Old Kingdom of Egypt was characterized by what? (Must name at least one. Each additional detail worth 100 pts.)






massive construction of the pyramids such as the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Old Kingdom is also known for teamwork, Egyptian art, and sculptures.



The Middle Kingdom had several provinces called Nomethats. Nomethats were governed by Nomarchs. A Nomarch’s job was to ..... 



collect taxes and recruit workers for the pharaoh’s projects.



The New Kingdom is also known as                                                       


the “Imperial Age”.


The transitional periods were marked by what two things? (There are more than two options; however only three are needed - if you answer more than 2, you get bonus 100 points for each addition)


unrest, civil wars, invasions by outsiders, bad food harvests, and difficult times




During this time period, how were Pharaohs viewed?


as inaccessible god-kings who ruled absolutely over their people. 





During the Intermediate period between the Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom what happened?

If you can name how it was resolved you get 500 bonus points.  



a civil war between the Upper and Lower regions broke out


King Thebes Mentuhotep defeated Heracleopolis and reunited all of Egypt under one rule again. He established Thebes as the capitol. This began the period of stability.





It was characterized by ... (Name 3) 


expansion of land, military conquests, prosperity, and was the peak of Egyptian power.



How many years spanned the beginning of the Old Kingdom to the end of the New Kingdom during which time 30 dynasties held the power?






Because pharaohs were viewed so highly, the Egyptians did these things ... (name at least 1 each additional is 100 pts.)




The ancient Egyptians were glad to make personal sacrifices to the pharaohs because of this belief. They handed over large amounts of their harvests, and they provided the labor for the massive projects the pharaoh required to build the pyramids





The Middle Kingdom is characterized by (Name at least 1 any extra = 100 bonus points)



stability, property boundaries, territorial expansion, and Nome structure. The arts, literature, and trade all flourished.



During the New Kingdom, pharaohs were viewed as (Name 2 - bonus 300 points if you can name 3)



leaders and rulers of the empire. They were also considered religious figures.



Draw a little picture of Egypt. During the time leading into the Old Kingdom. Remember - what happened before the Old Kingdom began? Your map should include how the land was divided and geographical landmark names. Each label you can give to your map = 100 points. 



Lower Egypt

Upper Egypt

Nile River

Nile Delta

Mediterranean Sea could also be included  


Draw a map of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. Include not only labels for place and geography but also important aspects of life during this time in Egyptian History. In order to earn all 500 points, you must draw and label at least 5 things. 

Can include:


Nile River

Nile Delta

Mediteranean Sea


Pyramid of Giza




Nubia was a main trading post on the Nile River. Nubians traded .... (Name 3 items)                                                       

**** BONUS 300 POINTS to whoever rolls the largest number and answers this question:

Tell me about how the Middle Kingdom of Egypt ended.


leopard skins, ivory, slaves, and ostrich plumes for manufactured goods and weapons.

answer to bonus:


During the 13th Dynasty of the Middle Kingdom the pharaoh’s rule began to weaken. This enabled a foreign invaders, called Hyksos to take over northern Egypt until about 1550 BC. And begin the next Intermediate period.




     Tell me something about each of these dudes:                                              

Amenhotep III

                                                                Amenhotep IV                                                                      

Ramses the Great







(Info Must be included in write up)

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