Health and wellbeing
Health status
Health determinants

Identify all dimensions of health and wellbeing

Physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental. 


Identify three health status indicators

Life expectancy, morbidity, mortality and/or DALYs


How is obesity measured?

Body mass index (BMI) 


Describe the differences in the types of diabetes. 

Type 1: Is genetic and cannot be influenced

Type 2 diabetes: Is influenced by a person's behaviour


Identify the four categories of health determinants. 

Behavioural, biological, physical environment and social environment. 


Identify the 'old' definition of health. 

A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity


Describe two reasons why we measure health status. 

1.It allows judgements to be made about the health of individuals, groups or populations.

2.Government and non- government organisations can take actions to improve health in areas that need it.

3.Can provide valuable feedback on actions that have already been implemented.

4.To further guide interventions aimed at improving health.


Identify two reasons why obesity occurs. 

*Energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended

*An increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat

*An increase in physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle)


Explain how diabetes is caused. 

The body is resistant to or doesn't produce enough insulin. 


Identify two behavioural determinants.

Nutrition and food intake, physical activity, sun protection, seeking help from health professionals. 


Identify 2 aspects of the physical health and wellbeing dimension. 

Fitness levels, body weight, functioning of the body's systems, energy levels, immune system, completing daily physical tasks and levels of illness, injury or disease. 


Briefly describe mortality. 

Refers to deaths, particularly at a group or population level due to a particular disease or illness. 

Obesity is a risk factor to many other diseases. Name two. 

Type 2 diabetes

Cardiovascular disease

Some cancers

Bone diseases


Identify three physical environment determinants.

Tobacco smoke in the home, housing environment, work environment, access to recreation facilities. 


Identify three aspects of the spiritual health and wellbeing dimension. 

Sense of belonging, meaning and purpose in life, peace and harmony, personal values and beliefs. 


Explain what 1 DALY equals. 

One year of healthy life lost due to premature death, illness or injury. 


Identify four social environment determinants.

Family cohesion, SES of parents, social media, access to education, community participation, 


Identify five aspects of the mental health and wellbeing dimension.

Thought patterns, self-esteem, confidence, stress and anxiety, problem solving skills, making decisions. 

Describe the difference between YLL and YLD. 

YLL = Years of life lost due to premature death (mortality)

YLD = Years of life lost due to disability, disease or illness (non-fatal)

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