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Hand-picked from a skyscraper stalk, the top of which is rumored to be the dwelling of Giants in the afterlife, this plethora of "legumes" might haven taken its name from the counterpart of Ernie in a famous Muggle children's TV show! 

Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans


Mr. Potage would not condone giving this brew basket a stir, as its hot and gooey center might lick up and scorch your fingers!

Cauldron Cake


You've heard of a squeezer for oranges, but obtaining this extract from its like-colored fruit cousin from the barbaric Muggle contraption would be quite the undertaking!

Pumpkin Juice


Whipping out these aniseed inspired rods would make George and Ron Weasley proud. Be sure to aim them at any pea-brained thugs!

Licquorice Wands


Yellow Jackets, Hornets, and, I'll say, even Billywigs have got nothing against these flighty and excited treats. They may even be able to spell, albeit using Morse Code.

Fizzing Whizzbees


Daily Double (Not listed on the Trolley Menu.)

This addicting beverage is not sold in Slug & "Jigger"s because it contains too much of a certain dairy product. Be that as it may, you'll find it is brewed in other less savory dining establishments on the outskirts of Hogsmeade. 



A world record for the expansion of this product caused wizards and witches globally to reach for Hair-cleaning potions to remove it. I'm sure the next batch will include a charm to prevent it sticking to unwanted surfaces! 

Drooble's Best Blowing Gum


Octopi have a never-ending supply of ink, but unfortunately, this product is deemed to run out in 5 minutes of use. The trade off for a satisfactorily sweet oral fixation is worth it by most. 

Sugar Quills


Warning: Not for underwater use. This drink may help get one out of an uninteresting class lecture though, however, you should be sure to do so before someone shoves a Bezoar down your throat! 

Bubble Brew


Originally manufactured in green, until some students accidentally ate their pets, these active treats only have one good jump in them; make sure its not out a window!

Chocolate Frog


I'm friends with a redhead who once would have gladly traded up-chucking this version of earth-dwelling mollusk, which is related to the snail, after his jinx backfired.

Jelly Slugs


Mum & "Pop" stores used to sell this cool drink, until the fizz was furiously out of hand with those too impatient to read the instructions.

Exploda Soda


Some Muggle-borns say the secret ingredient for this treat was collected from atop the summit of a "Mountain;" Herbologists say it was collected from blades of grass in the early hours of the morning. Whatever the case, don't let these "fall" into the hands of a Magizoologist or they may mistake them for dung!

Dew Dew Pyschodrops


High-pitched laughing Muggle children may have heard of a little ditty that echoes the impressions of this frozen treat. But if they heard the real thing, they'd go running for the hills! 

Shrieking Sherbet


Daily Double: (FYI: Not a drink)

These spicy creature confectioneries shouldn't be confused with cantankerous House-Elves, but rather paired with Salty Sea Sprites!

Pepper Imps