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This is the only legitimate account I have. Don't follow any other account that says its run by me.

-Lana Del Rey

"that says its run by me" - IT'S


What do you call Santa's little helpers?

Subordinate Clauses


If you work in this job setting, you may need to read and follow directions on how to bake.

You may need to take orders.

You will need to communicate these orders back to the person preparing the food.

Fast Food Industry


True or False? Professionals with fewer grammar errors in their resumes had achieved higher positions.



Morning! Went for a run. Now I have to get my day going. My legs are so soar from yesterday... I kind of love being soar. I know it worked. -Khloe Kardashian

SOAR - should be SORE


Which dinosaur knows the most words?

A thesaurus


While sitting in front of the desk and answering questions, I remember to use the correct grammar so I can get this job. Where am I?

Sitting in a job interview

True or False: Fewer grammar errors correlate with more promotions. 



Hanging at the @firehousesubs Family Reunion. Like the turkey with extra mayo they're gooder than mug. --Shaq

gooder - better

Why did Shakespeare only write in ink?

Pencils confused him- 2B or not 2B.


While taking an order from a customer, he gives me dimensions that I need to write down and clearly convey to my boss in order to make the right product for him.

Laser cutting factory


If you have never made the effort to learn the difference between "it's" and "its," or “there” and “their,” an employer may think you are:

A. Very smart

B. Very Lazy

B. Very Lazy & NOT employ you!


Up early getting ready to film Chelsea Lately today with the whole fam! Were taking over tonight!!

-Kim Kardashian

Were - should be We're 


How do you comfort a grammar snob?

There, They're, Their


Sitting in the small room, I ask the patients what their symptoms are and when they began.

Nurse, PA, or Dr.


True or False: I don't need to learn grammar because I have "Spelling and Grammar Check."

FALSE. These computer programs will not always save you.


Hello guys! It have been an age that I didn't tweet.

-Daniel Radcliffe

Have been- should be has been


Why are writers always cold?

They are surrounded by drafts.


While taking orders, I remembered to ask the diners if they wanted any dessert after their meal.

Waiter in a restaurant.


If a job recruiter finds a spelling and/or grammar mistake in your resume, they:

A. place your resume in the trash.

B. put your resume at the top of the pile to hire.

A. Job recruiters will often speak of throwing resumes away as soon as they find a mistake.  No second chances when they have 100 more resumes to pick from.