Project Valuation & Integration
Project Execution & Implementation
Program Support
Process & Technology Support
Cyber Safety

This senior manager of PV&I has an MBA, Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Brian Mauleon


This senior manager of PE&I has a B.S. in Aeronautical Science with a Minor in Aviation Safety. 

Dean Heiss


This eNewsletter provides bi-weekly updates and reminders for all Distribution employees and is produced and distributed by Team D Communications.

Trending Topics in Team D


This new senior manager of PT&S can be found on a cruise boat on his free time when he is not rooting on the LA Kings.

Robert Ahrendt


This concept defines the social engineering that typically features fraudulent email messages appearing to come from a legitimate enterprise. 



This member of PV&I started their career at SCE in 2007 as an IT intern (alongside Diana Acosta, Distribution Programs) and is a founding member of the Caregivers Connect BRG.

Lisset Guzman

This is the number of points earned for on-time OE Catalyst Project executions that PE&I is targeted to achieve by YE 2023 in order to reach the organization's corporate goal. 



This group in Distribution Program Support is responsible for updating and maintaining streetlight data for billing our customers which generates revenue for SCE. 

Streetlight Inventory


Andrea Wilson, Advisor in P&TS, will be supporting enhancements to this automated tool/app used to reduce the cycle time for crew call outs.

ARCOS - Automated Recall/Call Out System


This is the email ID used to report all suspicious email to.


PV&I integrates with Operational Finance and this Performance & Strategy group to perform project valuation to assess financial opportunity and develop associated project metrics. 

Distribution Project Controls

This PE&I Sr. Specialist is a critical member of the PM SWEC AND was awarded the SCE Jack K. Horton Humanitarian Award in 2021. 

Diane Mercado


This Program Support PM helps to oversee the Distribution Business Continuity Program AND can be found on a motorcycle, swimming, cycling, or running in his free time. 

Julian Kung


This member of the P&TS team co-led the Distribution "Restoring the Pride" effort alongside Chelsea Hoyt (Distribution Programs) AND is an avid Dodger fan.

Kim Lapointe


This is the minimum number of characters your SCE company password must contain. 



These are the three groups that PV&I hands-off to post-project intake. 

PE&I, Program Support, and/or PT&S

The OE Catalyst Corporate Goal is measured/calculated by points earned for timing, staying within the O&M spend threshold, and hitting this target. 

2023 Capital Savings Target


This company founded by the senior manager of Program Support plans and executes dog agility trials and events throughout SoCal and beyond.

Rino Agility


Dianne Arguello, Sr. Advisor in P&TS, has been assigned to support the re-vamp of the IPSEC process (which is the acronym for this.)

Initiate, Plan, Schedule, Execute, Close


SCE has many exciting events planned this month designated as the official "Cybersecurity Awareness Month." 

October (Check out the Portal for a list of upcoming events.)


The PV&I team governs the process for key initiative intake to CI&S and manages this type of portfolio risk. 



PE&I (also including PV&I) is focused on delivering OE Catalyst Net Benefits in 2023 by driving this and excellence within the organization.



This Streetlight Inventory Specialist started at SCE on her 25th birthday AND is responsible for the streetlight inventory for 15 of the SCE Distribution districts. 

Brittany Reed


P&TS provides operational and enhancement support to this field-focused app that houses T&D manuals, policies, and procedures, as well as the APM, safety bulletins, and other safety resources. 



This is the first indicator that an email may be suspicious. 

External Warning Banner

Other indicators include (but are not limited to):

- Domain and links within body of message do not match or direct you to another location

- Images or logos appear stretched or low quality

- Poor grammar

- Sense of urgency to open an attachment or click a link

- Generic greetings