Special Area Teachers

This person has a never ending closet full of bandaids! Who is it?

The nurse! Nurse Amy or Nurse Val


This person helps you tap into your artistic abilities. 

Mr. Butler


You’re on the playground and someone pushes you. What do you do? Do you push them back or tell an adult?

Tell an adult.


Where is kindergarten located? 

1st floor


Who has brown hair, is bilingual (meaning speaks more than one language) and is the principal of our school?

Mrs. Burch


This person has long hair, always makes sure our school is clean and orderly and always has a smile on his face. Who is it?

Mr. Andre


This person helps you discover a love for reading books. 

Mrs. DeRuchie


You feel that your math work is too hard and you’re starting to get frustrated. What do you do? Leave the classroom without permission, or ask your teacher for help? 

Ask your teacher for help. 

Bonus points: ask to take a break, or ask to use the safe space. 


Where is 2nd grade located? 

Near the music room, 2nd floor


Which is better, Fortnite or Roblox?

Points given for providing an answer! 


This person helps us when we are having big feelings, has a daughter who teaches 4th grade with the same last name and one of her famous phrases are “oh my stars”. 

Mrs. Ricci, the school counselor


These two people help you stay physically fit. 

Mr. Parks and Mr. Kromah.


You see one of your friends bullying another student and the student begins to cry. What do you do? Join your friend by bullying the student too or telling your friend it’s not ok to bully someone? 

Tell your friend it’s not ok to bully someone.

Bonus Points: Telling an adult


What grades go into the cafeteria in the morning during morning arrival? 

Kindergarten, 4th and 5th grade 


What animal is our school mascot? 

A dog

Bonus Points: Husky


These lovely ladies prepare our breakfast and lunch. 

The lunch ladies in the cafeteria.


This person helps you tap into your musical side.

Ms. Geiger


Someone threw food at you in the cafeteria. What do you do? Throw food back at them or tell an adult? 

Tell an adult.


What grades go in the gym in the morning during morning arrival? 

1st, 2nd and 3rd

What does each letter in HERO stand for in our Husky Hero Pledge? 

H - helpful

E - excellence

R - resilient

O - orderly


Who are the two secretaries in the front office?

Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Donna


This person helps teach you how to regulate your emotions with coping strategies. 

Mrs. Haley-Class

During ELA, your teacher gives you your class work. You really don’t feel like doing it and need a few minutes to get started. What should you do? Ask your teacher if you can have a few minutes to take a break in the safe space, or leave the classroom without permission? 

Ask your teacher if you can have a few minutes to take a break in the safe space. 


Where is the Lost and Found closet located? 

Near the office, near the front lobby or near the lobby bathrooms


Provide an example for the following: 

How we can be helpful to our school family? 

How can we work towards excellence as we learn? 

How can we be resilient when things do not go our way? 

How can we be orderly with our space and actions? 

Points for providing appropriate examples! 

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