Hand Hygiene
Dental Hygiene
Shower Hygiene
Random Hygiene
Other Hygiene

What song can we use to time how long to wash our hands? 

__Somewhere over the Rainbow

__Happy Birthday! (or at least 20 seconds)


How many times a day should you brush your teeth? 

__once, if I remember

__at least two times


How often should you shower or bathe? 

__At least once a day  

__once a week


What are the most appropriate ways to cough & sneeze

__Into the inside of your elbow, or into a tissue

__really loudly and spray it out into the room


Name 3 body areas that you need to keep clean. 


__arm pits




Name two times that you should wash your hands. 

__using the bathroom


__touching animals 

__sitting in a car


About how long should you brush your teeth for? 

__thirty seconds

__two Minutes 


What should you shower with to remove dead skin cells and clean your body properly? (3 things)

__Body wash/soap, 

__laundry detergent


__warm water


What should you do if you notice you have an ingrown toenail?

__pick at it

__Go get it checked out and treated by a professional


True or False: Using floss and mouthwash are examples of good oral hygiene. 




What can you use to clean your hands if soap and water are not available? 

__hand sanitizer

__window cleaner


How often should you switch out your tooth brush?

__2 to 4 months or after you are sick! 

__once a year


How often should you wash your hair?

__depends on hair type

__once a month 


How do you protect others from your cough or sneeze

__Cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow

__yell at them to leave the room before you cough or sneeze


What's a major thing you should avoid doing with your nails & why?

____Avoid biting your nails because you might ruin your manicure

____Avoid biting your nails as there could be a lot of bacteria and germs underneath the nails and biting them could spread that bacteria to your mouth


Washing hands helps stop the spread of ___________. 




What does brushing your teeth prevent? Name two things.


__bad breath



Name something we use to help eliminate body odor after we get out of the shower. 




What you should do after you blow your nose with a tissue

__Wipe your hands on your pants

__Wash your hands


Name 3 negative aspects of having poor personal hygiene


How can you keep your hands clean when you sneeze? 

__wear gloves

__Sneeze into the inside of your elbow or into a tissue & then wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. 


What is the proper way to store your toothbrush when it isn't being used?

__on it's side on the sink

__stored upright in a holder where it can stand and air dry


What does shampooing your hair help with? 

__keeps you alert

__helps remove build up of oily residues, dead skin, product build up, etc. 


Name 3 parts of your hand you should scrub when washing your hands

__between your toes 

__palms of your hands

__back of hands

__between your fingers


Name 3 benefits of practicing good hygiene

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