Shower Time
Dental Hygiene

This is the minimum number of seconds a person is recommended to wash their hands

What is 20 seconds


True or false: Washing your hands with only water is an effective way to combat bacteria

What is false

Water that is hot enough to kill bacteria is also hot enough to burn skin, so soap is necessary to safely practice good hand hygiene


This is the number of times per week adults are recommended to shower

What is several, but not necessarily every day

While showering is important for health, showering too often can cause dry, cracked skin, which can then allow "bad" bacteria to grow, so aim for several times per week rather than every single day


This is the minimum number of times the CDC recommends adults to brush their teeth each day

What is two

Although brushing after each meal is ideal, adults are recommended to brush their teeth at least twice each day--once in the morning, then once at night


This percentage of people floss daily

What is approximately 12%


This is more effective at cleaning hands than hand sanitizer and should be used first if available, especially if hands are visibly dirty

What are soap and water

While hand sanitizer can remove some types of germs from your hands, soap and water are more effective and can remove germs hand sanitizer may not be able to touch


True or false: The "Five Second Rule" is an effective way to determine whether food that has been dropped on the floor can be safely eaten

What is false

Within those five seconds, bacteria will have already reached the food


Showering after this activity is important not only to prevent odor, but also to prevent the growth of bacteria, which can then lead to rashes and breakout

What is exercise/working out


This is the number of times per year adults are recommended to replace their toothbrushes

What are four times

This equates to roughly every three months, and always when the toothbrush has been dropped or otherwise soiled


The average American family uses this many gallons of water each day from showering

What are 40 gallons

In fact, approximately 2.5 gallons of water is produced by the average shower head per minute, meaning that regular lengthy showers can create unnecessary water waste


These are the most commonly missed areas of the hand during handwashing

What are the thumb, wrist, and fingertips


True or false: Antibacterial soap is as effective at cleaning as regular soap

What is true


This is the amount of time an adult is recommended to remain in the shower when washing up

What is 5 to 10 minutes

Although taking long showers can be relaxing and may be okay occasionally, in general, spending all of that time under running water may remove much-needed moisture from the skin


Flossing once per day, as recommended by most dentists, can increase the average adult's expectancy by this number of years

What are 6 years


This percentage of the global population is affected by inadequate hand hygiene

What is approximately 80% 


Hand sanitizer, homemade or store-bought, must contain at least this percentage of alcohol to be effective

What is 60%


True or false: The bathroom is the most bacteria-infested place in the average household

What is false

A study conducted in 2011 found that the kitchen--particularly dish sponges, counters, sinks, and cutting boards--is often more bacteria-infested than the bathroom


When showering, it is especially important not to miss these areas of your body (name two)

What are the groin area, under the arms, and between the toes


It is recommended that adult see their dentists this many times per year

What are twice per year


This percentage of people who use public restrooms wash their hands thoroughly enough to kill germs

What is approximately 80%


Although washing your hands regularly throughout the day is important, it is especially important to clean up after doing any of these activities (name two)

What are after using the toilet; after touching blood or other bodily fluids; after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose; and before meals or handling food


True or false: The human body is home to approximately 1,000 different species of bacteria

What is true

In fact, there are more germs on and in your body than people in the United States, and these "good" bacteria are vital to your health


After showering and patting yourself dry with a towel, it is important to do this

What is put moisturizer on the skin

It is important to put moisturizer on the skin while it is still damp and to do this after showering, as showering can remove much-needed natural moisture from the skin


Tooth this is the hardest part of the human body

What is tooth enamel


Researchers speculate that if everyone routinely and efficiently washed their hands, this number of deaths could be prevented each year

What are one million

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