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Germs such as sweat and dirt can make us sick.

True or false?

False (bacteria and viruses are types of germs)


Clothing does not need to be washed unless it is visibly soiled and stained. True or false?

False. Skin cells and germs are not visible to the eye; they mix with bacteria and cause odor.

It's ok not to use shampoo or soap when showering. No one will ever know. True or false?



How often should you get dental check-ups?

a. when your mom shrieks that she can see velvet

b. once every 6 years 

c. every 6 months

d. when candy is stuck

C - every 6 months


What song should you sing when you wash your hands? 

a. ABC's, b. happy birthday, c. hallelujah d. baby shark

A & B


What causes body odor?

Dirt, oil, and sweat


It's ok to turn your underwear inside out for a second wearing. True or false?

False. Clothing that is worn next to the skin needs to be changed daily, i.e. underwear, socks, shirts


What should be used every time you shower?

a. bubble bath, b. shaving cream, c. shampoo, conditioner and body wash, d. soap

C - shampoo, conditioner, and body wash


When are good times to brush your teeth during the day?

a. never 

b. in the morning and at bedtime 

c. after you have a drink



What part of the hand is commonly missed when hands are being washed?



What are three places on your body that can cause body odor?

Armpits, feet, and hair


Name two ways to keep your shoes fresh and dry.

- Take your shoes off when you come home and allow them to air dry 

- If you have a 2nd pair, alternate days.

- Also, change your socks everyday


How should you wash your feet and body?

a. with soap and a wash cloth covering all areas b. no need to use soap, just rinse in the shower c. just spray perfume and use deodorant 



For how long should you brush your teeth?

a. 30 seconds b. until they hurt c. until they fall out d. 3 seconds

A. 30 seconds


When are good times to wash your hands?

after touching the trash can, being near someone who is sick, touching animals, before and after handing food, after using the bathroom, after using a tissue, coughing or sneezing


What is personal hygiene?

a. Using soap to clean yourself

b. dental checkups

c. taking care of your body, cleaning yourself, dental checkups, and more

C. Taking care of your body, cleaning yourself, dental checkups, and more


What clothing needs to be changed daily?

a. coats and outerwear, b. socks, c. hair ties, d. underwear

B. socks and D. underwear


Sweat glands in your scalp, dead skin cells, and excess oil in your scalp can make unwashed hair smell? True or false?



Where does bacterial plaque stay the longest, and can cause bad breath?

a. teeth b. tongue c. gums d. hair follicles

B. tongue


Which has more germs?

A toilet seat or a dollar bill?

Dollar bill


What is personal hygiene a good prevention of?

a. tooth decay, b. diseases and sickness, c. loosing hair

B. Diseases and sickness


What causes clothing to smell?

a. environment, b. when bacteria mixes with skin cells, dirt & oils in the skin and hair, c. food, dirt, and stains on clothing, d. all of the above

D. all of the above


When are 2 out of the 4 good times to put on deodorant?

a. before a party and at school during math 

b. after a shower and in the morning 

c. after you go to the bathroom and before you eat 

d. before an outdoor sporting event and before a shower

B - after a shower and in the morning


What 2 things can you do to reduce bad breath?

a. floss and brush teeth b. exercise and eat health c. use mouthwash, no need to brush d. see dentist every 6 years and brush before

A - floss and brush


What is the place in your school that has the most germs?

The water fountain

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