Main character
Main event

Who is the main character and why do you think so?

The main character is Cet because Chet appear every chapter and Chet tried to save Sid.


Where does the story take place?

The story take place on New Jersey Elm Hills 1916.


What is the possible topic for the book and why?

The possible topic of the book is truth because Monty, Sid, and Dewey lied to Chet, Chet revenge by lie to Monty, Sid, and Dewey because 3 guys lie to them, so 3 guys doesn’t believe about shark, but Chet said the truth.


Bonus 600 point question 

What historical event happened 23 years after shark attack(1916)?

WW2 1939 starts by Germany, France, and Great Britain


What is a symbol of the book and why?

The symbol of the book is diner because character communicate in there


What is Chet’s character is trait and why?

Chet is determined because he tried to tell there is shark in the creek to save people who goes to creek.


Where did Chet went most.

Chet when 


What is the possible theme of the book?

The possible theme is when you lie people will not bel you. This is the possible theme because Chet got pranked and lied by 3 guys, Chet revenged, and 3 guys didn’t believed about shark, so Chet got bitten by shark.


Why did Chet pranked Dewey, Sid, and Monty

He pranked because Dewey, Sid, and Monty pranked him and made him like idiot 


What is the another symbol in the book and why?

The another symbol is creek because almost all  important events happen in the creek, for example 3 guys pranked Chet, then Chet got mad, so Chet revenged 3 guys, so 3 guys didn’t believed it. 


When did Chet acted determine?

Chet act determined when he got hit by shark by telling people about shark to save lives.


You need to go to New Jersey. Pay money for flight.

Lose 300 points

Forbidden do not open( you can get 1000  points if you  open)

You were caught by police.

Lose 600 points.


What happen after Chet revenge to Monty, Sid, and Dewey and why?

Monty, Sid, and Dewey didn’t believe Chet anymore, so when Chet tried to tell there is a shark in the creek, 3 guys didn’t believe it and staied in the creek, so Chet was bitten by a shark.


What is the different symbol in the book?

The symbol is shark because when shark didn’t appear in the creek Chet might not be friend with 3 guys forever.

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