Coping Skills
Activities We Have Done

What coping skill uses the infinity sign?

Infinity Breathing


Why did we use our Body Calming Journals?

To write down when we have big feelings. This can help us calm down in the moment, reflect on what made us feel this way and what we did about it.


What coping skill uses our muscles to squeeze out our anger?

Lemon squeezes


Why use a Behavior Sticker chart?

-to make behavior goals

-to notice and reward when we do good behavior

-to motive us to continue engaging in good behavior


What is yoga supposed to help us do?

Be mindful of our bodies, notice changes in our breathing and our tension, calm down

What was the Anger Stop Signs activity about?

-notice when our anger is small, what does that feel like? what does it look like?

-notice when our anger gets big, how is that different?

-when we notice our anger when it is small, we can engage in coping skills to STOP it before it gets too big!


What is the 5 senses activity supposed to help us do?

Focus our attention on something else, pay attention to the world around us, ground us, calm down


Why did we choreograph dances to happy and sad songs?

-to express emotions with our bodies