Movie Industry

This movie based on a book by Dr. Seuss shows the process of chopping down Truffula trees and the establishment of factories to mass produce Thneeds

What is the Lorax?


In the 2022 Netflix sequel in this series, Millie Bobby Brown plays a girl with a more famous detective brother, and she investigates a disappearance amid a Typhus epidemic in a match factory

What is Enola Holmes?


This "demon barber" portrayed by Johnny Depp in a 2007 musical, opens up a shop on Fleet Street in 18th Century London which he describes as "a hole in the world like a great black pit "

Who is Sweeney Todd?


This Charles Dickens novel is about an orphan boy living in a London workhouse who eventually becomes a pickpocket. It was turned into a musical and the movie version won the Best Picture Oscar in 1968.

What is Oliver Twist?


Eli Whitney invented the "gin" (short for engine) that could separate seeds from this commonly used fiber that can be fashioned into a breathable fabric

What is cotton?

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