Reading Informational 1-3
Reading Literary 1-3
Reading Informational 5-9
Reading Literary 5-9
RI & RL 8.4

This is an idea or conclusion drawn from what you have read in a text

What is an Inference


This is considered to be the life lesson or moral of the story...Hints the word 'story'

What is theme 


These are the ways an author can organize information in a text...

What are text structures


Common sense should tell you, that when you have two or more are going do what

What is compare or/and contrast


These are found at the beginning or front of a root word..

What are prefixes (a prefix)


This is considered to be the author's main point or message about a topic or idea

What is central idea


Particular lines of dialogue or incidents in a story/drama are said to: propel an action, reveal aspects of a character, and provoke this 'process reached after consideration'

What is a decision


This is how the author view's a text, from how he sees it or say it...

What is point of view (perspective)


This is said to transpire when what it is said, is totally different from what is meant...

This particular one is not used for clothes.

What is irony

The objective of analyzing, is to 

What is break down


RI8.3 speaks about making connections among and distinctions between what three things

What are individuals (people), events, and ideas


A theme belongs to a story...which is this genre of text 

What is literary (or fiction)


There is a purpose for everything, what is the author's... 

What is to persuade, inform, or entertain


When the text and the script have the same title and the same characters...but something has changed from one to the other....

This type of text is said to have ______ from the original script/text.

What is departed (depart, departed from)


The opposite of cold is HOT...the two are not similar.

Hot would function as a 

What is antonym


This type of summary is given when you do not give your opinion; only facts and details from the text

What is an objective summary


In order to determine a theme and/or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text; one must include the relationship of what three elements of a story

What are the setting, characters, and plot


This is used to communicate information, 'did you happen to listen to read the newspaper this morning'...

What are mediums 


This structure is similar to chronological order, but has nothing to do with the importance of time...

What is sequential order (sequence) 


This strategy is used to determine the meaning of words and phrases, as they are used in a sentence/text...

What are context clues


To support an analysis of what a text says explicitly, one must 

What is provide evidence that is clearly stated


To analyze the development of a text, is to

What is to break down how it what created/formed/made


Same topic, but the information provided is not matching.

This text is said to be sharing...

What is conflicting information 


When I was four months old, my mother died suddenly and my father was left to look after me all by himself… I had no brothers or sisters.  So through boyhood, from the age of four months onward, there was just us two, my father and me.  We lived in an old gypsy caravan behind a filling station”

Is this type of perspective...

What is 1st person (point of view/perspective)


'Even when the police officers put the handcuffs on my mother, she maintained her dignity, holding her head up high as she was marched off the protest site.'

The definition of dignity could possibly be..

What is pride/respect