Social Skills
Coping skills

What might you feel if someone you like is ignoring you?

Sad, confused, or upset


What can you do if your friend is mad at you for something you did to them?

Apologize, say sorry


What can you do if you are mad at your teacher?

Take a break, take deep breaths, positive self talk, talk to your teacher, write your teacher a note


Demonstrate how you would introduce yourself to a new peer?

Hi my name is ____, what is your name?



What is your go-to coping skill when you're feeling angry, sad, or anxious?


Deep breathes, talking to a parent, taking space, focusing on an activity, screaming into a pillow, writing your thoughts down, etc.


What do you do if you can't find a toy that you are looking for that you really want to play with?

Take a deep breath, ask for help, find something else to play with


You keep trying to do a math problem and feel frustrated because it isn't correct.

Take a break and try again, take deep breaths, or ask for help.


How should friends make you feel?

They should make you feel good, welcomed, and comfortable


How do you feel when you are asked to do school work that you don't want to do?

Bonus: What can you do to help yourself complete the work?

Mad, irritated, frustrated.

Plan to do something fun when you are done, ask for help, take some deep breaths


What would you do if your classmates are saying things about you online?

Ask them to stop, tell a parent, tell a teacher.


Name one place where you feel calm and safe

Bedroom, game room, ect.


How would someone feel if you told them that you didn't want to be their friend?

sad, bad, upset, lonely


Which emotion usually involves tears and a red face?



What can you do if you are stuck inside because of COVID and you miss your friends?

Ask to video chat with friends, call a friend, play video games online with friends


Name three things you can do when you are feeling angry, sad, or frustrated.

breathe, take a walk, listen to music, talk to some, ask for a break or to be left alone, ect.


If you met someone new what would you talk to them about to get to know if you like the same things?

A new show you just watched, a movie you recently saw, a video game you like to play, if they like a special topic (ocean creatures, spiderman)


Which emotion usually makes you feel tense, hot, and have your eyebrows pointed down?

Anger/ Mad


What can you do if your friend is feeling sad?

You can listen to them, offer support, try to cheer them up


You forgot to take your deep breaths, and yelled and threw things when you were mad. What do you do now?

Apologize, clean up the mess, talk about what happened and what you can do next time.


Tell me about a time that you were a good friend

Thanks for sharing!

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