All About Dad
History 101

Dad frequently likes to hangout in the left lane while driving, causing people to pass him on the right. What is the famous line used when he does this with us in the car? Hint: from SpongeBob

"You're good, you're good."


In 2008 when we were vacationing in Maine, we were all sitting down to watch a family movie when Dad walks in and excitedly suggests we watch what legendary mini series?

John Adams Mini Series


Dad really enjoys this genre of music, which Mom refers to as “elevator music.”



What movie did the song “savages, savages, dirty, dirty diapers” come from?



Name at least one thing Dad says at a restaurant to get a laugh.

  1. That’s enough for me, what are you all having?
  2. You can tell I hated it (gestures to empty plate)
  3. You can give her the check when you’re ready (points to mom/any one of the kids)

Dad used to attend a conference on the Civil War located in what city?

Gettysburg, PA


Every summer when we were out by the pool, Dad would put his giant speaker on a chair in front of the window facing the deck. What was the song we listened to at every pool party in the ‘90s?

The Macarena


In what Disney Pixar movie’s blooper reel did the saying “go ‘head, go throw up” come from? Bonus point for who said this line.

Monsters Inc, Mike Wazowski


If you’re ever talking to Dad about someone named Riley, what does he respond with 10/10 times? “Riley _________ ?”

Riley Spellman


Just how heavy was that desk that Dad had to get all the way upstairs in his first Clinton home?

So heavy.


Who sings the song “two can say kee ba skung gee ayy”?



Which Harry Potter character was Dads favorite? Bonus point if you can answer why.

Nevil Longbottom, he was the true hero in the end


What is the name of Dads doppelgänger from Clinton?

Dan Griffiths


Which of the many presidents once featured on our bathroom wall does Kelsey famously share a birthday with?

John Tyler


How many Christmas CDs does Dad own? Closest guess wins.

~65 as of March 1, 2023.


When Dad ran the Boilermaker in 2009, he saluted us with what gesture when he ran by? Bonus point for naming the movie it was referenced from. Hint: from a movie with an aptly named guinea pig.

Rhino’s gesture from the movie Bolt


What is it called when you are swimming and floating on your back with your feet above water? Where was this first established?

Seadog. Hilton Head c. 2013


Dad shares his exact birthday with which famous wrestler?

Hulk Hogan


This DVD had special features which included this music video. What war movie is this song from?

Gods and Generals


Mel Gibson is featured in which of Dads favorite war time movies?

The Patriot

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