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This player hit the most home runs ever in Major League baseball while playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants.

Who is Barry Bonds?


This character is the evil triplet in a Halloween special of “Liv and Maddie” and is portrayed by Dove Cameron.

Who is Helga?


This is where the third challenge of the Triwizard Tournament takes place.

What is a maze?


This song was Ed Sheeran’s first single and he sold 57,607 copies in his first week of sales.

What is “The A Team”?


This city is the largest city in China as of 2021 followed by a city with over 20 million inhabitants.

What is Shanghai?


This team one the World Series in 2011 and hit a home run in the 11th inning.

Who are the Cardinals?


This is the name of Jake Sully’s wife in ”Avatar” and the name of (formerly) the mother of 4 children.

Who is Neytiri?


This book followed The Messenger in the Giver Quartet series by Lois Lowry.

What is Son?


This item is what Maisie Peters is surrounded by in the album cover of her first song released on Apple Music.

What are books?


This city is the capital of Finland and is located on a small peninsula.

What is Helsinki?


These numbers represent the score that TCU had vs. Georgia in 2023. (Please include both sides of the score)

What is 7-65?


This character was the first person to get sorted in Harry’s year at Hogwarts.

Who is Hannah Abbott?


*DAILY DOUBLE* This is the name of the author that wrote all 5 of the Aru Shah books as well as many other books.

Who is Roshani Chokshi?


This song was Arianna Grande’s first chart debut and it peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

What is “The Way”?


This city is the number one biggest city in the world and is a fun city name for me to say.

What is Tokyo?


This number is how many super bowl rings Tom Brady has won.

What is seven?


This is the name of the immortal black cat in the first of two “Hocus Pocus” films.

Who is Thackery?

Who is Binx?

Who is Thackery Binx?


These are the names of the two main characters in Ground Zero by Alan Gratz who also wrote Refugee, Two Degrees, and more.

Who are Brandon and Reshmina?


This song is Taylor Swift’s biggest hit song and is a peppy song listened to all across the nation.

What is “Shake it Off”?


This country is a French-speaking West African nation, is a birthplace of the voodoo religion and home to the former Dahomey Kingdom from circa 1600–1900.

What is Benin?


These numbers represent the score of the highest scoring game in NBA history in which the Detroit Pistons beat the Denver Nuggets in triple overtime. (Please put answer with both sides of the score)

What is 186-184


This is what color represents in Pleasantville starring Toby Maguire and Reese Witherspoon.

What is Progress?

What is Curiosity?

What is Forward Thinking?


This represents how many times “Bah Humbug” was said in “A Christmas Carol.”

What is two?


This video is Justin Bieber‘s most viewed music video at 3,273,092,875 views.

What is “Sorry”?


This city was the most visited city in the world in 2021 as well as many other years.

What is Bangkok?

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