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Transition words

Alyssa was sad when she ______ spilled the orange juice.

What is accidentally?

Tim said "there's no need to _______, I'm not asking for the world".

What is exaggerate?


This is the product of 7.41 and 8.2

What is 60.762?


There are 49 dogs signed up to compete for a dog show. 

There are 36 more small dogs than large dogs signed up to compete.

How many large dogs are signed up to compete?

What is 13?


Which is the most appropriate transition word for the sentence.

Ken always began fights. ______, he was expelled and did not get to see his friends.

a. First

b. Simultaneously

c. Consequently

d. Besides

What is Consequently?


___ Busters determined that red does not make bulls angry.

What is myth?


Thanos wanted to _____ all 4 stones to fulfill his desire.

What is acquire?


There are about 28 grams in an ounce. The weight of a baseball is 5 ounces. How many grams are in the baseball?

What is 140?


Which of the following is equivalent to the expression below?

2/5 + 1/4=

A. 2/20

B. 3/8

C. 2/8

D. 13/20

What is letter D, 13/20?


Choose the best transition phrase for the passage.

Jessica was so upset. ____ last Monday, she had lost her laptop.

A. Since

B. Therefore

C. For this reason

D. In addition

What is letter A, Since?


Lena made a grand ______ by giving her sister a car.

What is gesture?


Earning good grades was a _______ for the scholarship.

What is requirement?


A pair of scissors costs 2.50. How much would 4 pairs of scissors cost?

What is 10 dollars?

What is the order of operations in an equation?

What is parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction?


Amira had a hard day. _____, she managed to get through her daily tasks.

A. Therefore

B. In spite of this

C. Now

D. For this reason

What is letter B, in spite of this?


The ________ is a book with a lot of information on many subjects.

What is encyclopedia?


The villain in the story had a ______ plan to complete.

What is mischievous?


A pint is 568ml. How many ml are in 26 pints?

What is 14,768?


Which number is equivalent to 34/32?

What is 9?


Choose the best transition phrase for the sentence.

Ian had a lot of homework. ________, he wrote it on his agenda so he could check everything off the list.

A. Finally

B. Later

C. As a result

D. Presently

What is as a result?


The scientist received a great _______  in being given the Nobel prize.

What is acknowledgment?


Jenny recorded her dreams in a ________ way every morning for the project.

What is systematic?

Solve for 48%2(9+3)

What is 2?


Solve for 9-3%1/3+1

What is 1?


Choose the best transitional phrase for the sentence.

Lex was shy. ______, she began to open up with the others in after school.

A. Unfortunately

B. Last

C. Gradually

D. Whereas

What is letter C, gradually?

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