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A famous, yellow Nickelodeon creature known for his square body, playful attitude, and porous nature.

Who is spongebob?


did you know-

What is Vaporeon?


In the movie "Monsters Inc.", Sully and Mike find this alternative energy to children's screams.

What is child laughter?


This Canadian singer is known for the songs:

- Baby

- Peaches

- Yummy

- Under the Mistletoe

- Beauty and a Beat

- Never Say Never

- Stay

(That was just off the top of my head)

Who is Justin Bieber?


In "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this is found at the end of Daisy's dock to symbolize Gatsby's hopes and dreams

What is a green light?


Filmed as a mock reality tv show, this survival show featured a cast of memorable contestants as well as a sadistic host and unhinged assistant.

What is Total Drama Island?



Who is Lebron Raymone James?


The sequel, "Back to the Future II," features Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveling to the future (year, double points if specific date), to save his children.

When is October 21, 2015?


Created by Vincent van Gogh, this oil painting of a swirling night sky is recognized as one of the most recognizable works in Western art.


In Dune, this character is known as "The Preacher" among other names.

Who is Paul Atreides?


In the show (and comics), "Teen Titans," it is revealed that Robin used this secret "villain identity" as part of an "undercover" operation.

Who is Red X?


har har harhar har, har harhar harhar

Who is Freddy Fazebear?


In the film, La La Land, the epilogue sequence portrays Sebastian and Mia's lives if Sebastian did _____.

What is "followed/supported Mia with her dreams"?


Known for the songs "Ride" and "Dancing with My Phone," this duo recently broke up on January 10, 2024

Who are HYBS?


In the Maze Runner series, the big twist of the series reveals that the children put in the maze are actually immune to this fictional virus that turns people into zombies.

What is the Flare Virus?


This PBS show features a special-ed class where the main character searches for answers to his questions while pursuing a stand-up comedy career.

What is "Sid the Science Kid?"


This kid is a coward and weakling and writes about it in a journal (currently 18 diaries to be exact)

Who is Greg Heffley?


At the end of the stop-motion film, "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Wes Anderson, the family digs into this building and celebrates their survival/resilience.

What is a supermarket?


Most popular for his rainbow-petaled smiling flowers, this artist and novelist is well-known for his vibrant, colorful, and often overwhelming style.

Who is Haruki Murakami?


(DAILY DOUBLE) Only the person who chose can answer; similar to a final jeopardy bet

In the Harry Potter Series, Harry's patronus is that of his father's. It is NOT a deer.

What is a stag?


A not-so-famous yellow, Nickelodeon creature known for his square body, playful attitude, and dynamic tail. This show features Widget, who likes to build, and Walden, who is super smart.

What is "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!"


Warm-blooded herbivores that are part of the Leporidae family. In some cultures, the left hind foot was carried as an amulet for good luck

What are rabbits?


In the psychological thriller, "Shutter Island," the two main characters, Teddy and Chuck, are played by these two "superstar" actors.

Who are Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo?


According to both Spotify and Apple Music, this song with a one-word title is considered Keshi's most popular.



In the 1998 novel, "Among the Hidden" by Margaret Peterson Haddix, this law is enacted regarding family size and is similar to a policy enacted in China from 2016 to 2021.

What is the "two-child policy/law?"