Purity Day
St. George
St. Basil the Great
St. Moses the Strong
The Holy Liturgy

What characteristics does a Christian family have?

Loving, kind, prayerful, faithful, etc.


What was St. George's job?

He was a soldier in the army.


St. Basil the Great lived an ascetic and solitary life. What does this mean?

It means he strived to live alone and practiced spiritual discipline and a strict and simple way of living.


What did St. Moses seek before he turned to God?

He sought things of the world: food, money, power.


What are the 3 parts of the Divine Liturgy?

1. Offertory

2. Liturgy of the Word

3. Liturgy of the Faithful


What is a child's role in a Christian family?

To be obedient and respectful to their parents.


Why did St. George kill the dragon?

To save the princess' life.


When is St. Basil's Feast Day (the day we commemorate him)?

January 14th (the day he departed based on the Gregorian calendar)


What does it mean to repent?

To turn away from sins and turn back to God.


What happens during the Offertory?

Abouna selects the best holy bread (orban) that will later turn into the Body of Jesus.


What does it mean to "walk in the light?"

To make good choices and be a good example to others like Christ did.


Why didn't St. George listen to Emperor Diocletian and worship Roman gods?

He knew it was a mortal (deadly) sin to deny our God.


Who are St. Basil the Great's siblings (hint: there are 3)?

St. Macrina the Younger

St. Peter the Bishop of Sebaste

St. Gregory of Nyssa


Who was St. Moses' father of confession whom he learned from?

St. Isidore


How do we prepare ourselves for the Holy Liturgy?

We fast 9 hours to prepare our bodies to receive the Holy Communion. We make sure that we have reconciled with our friends and family and have apologized for anything we may have done wrong.


How can we use social media and electronics wisely?

We should limit how much we use social media and electronics and make sure we are only using it in a positive way that will not cause us to sin.

What did St. George do before he was executed?

St. George gave away all of his money to the poor and prepared himself for death.


Who influenced St. Basil the Great to write the St. Basil Liturgy? Who is the St. Basil Liturgy addressed to?

St. Mark the Evangelist. The St. Basil Liturgy is addressed to God the Father and is the most commonly used liturgy year-round.

Do you think it was easy for St. Moses to repent and how can you tell?

It was hard for St. Moses to repent because the devil used to try to tempt him with the things he used to do and love. It was hard for him to leave the easy life he had of money, food, and power to live a life of prayer, fasting, and poverty.


When does the Holy Spirit turn the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? What part of the Liturgy is this?

This happens during the Epiclesis, which is part of the Liturgy of the Faithful.


What happens if we keep spending time with friends who are making bad choices?

Their behavior might rub off on you and you might start making bad choices like them, which is why it's important to choose your friends wisely.


What can we learn from St. George?

St. George was willing to give up his military career and worldly glory for God. He taught us the importance of selflessness and loving others through his actions.


What is a heresy? What did St. Basil the Great do when people spoke heresies?

A heresy is a false teachings that go against the Orthodox faith. St. Basil the Great fought strongly against heresies and made sure people knew the right faith.


Explain the 3 steps of Reconciliation that St. Moses used to turn back to God.

1. Self-Examination

2. Repentance

3. Confession


List all of the readings during the Liturgy of the Word AND explain where they are found (Old Testament, New Testament, or neither).

1. Pauline Epistle (New Testament)

2. Catholic Epistle (New Testament)

3. Acts (New Testament)

4. Synaxarium (neither)

5. Gospel (New Testament)