What would you do?
What is...?

You want the basketball, and so does your friend Robby. What is the best way to solve the problem?

Share the ball, take turns, or make a fair schedule.


You finished your work early. What should you do?

You can raise your hand.

Do an early finished worksheet if it's available. 

Sit quietly and wait for a teacher to instruct you about what to do.


You were waiting to swing. When it was your turn, another boy jumped in front of you and took the swing. What would you do?

(A) Let him know that you were there first.

(B) If you are a school, you can tell your teacher what happened.


What is a fixed mindset?

When you think skills and abilities cannot be developed. You give up easily and run away from things that are too hard.

The opposite is a growth mindset which means you are always learning and getting better.


_________ are what you feel on the inside when things happen to you.



Sarah has been telling other kids a secret that you told her. What is the best way to respond to Sarah? Open for options 

Tell Sarah 

(A) in a mean way that she is not your friend

(B) in a calm way that she hurt your feelings and she betrayed your trust

(C) tell one of Sarh's secrets, too


You are reading a story, and there is a word you don’t know. What strategies can you use to figure out the meaning?

Break the word up into syllables, make the word smaller, and then blend the syllables together. 


An adult you didn't know came onto the playground and asked if you would help look for his lost dog. What would you do?

Walk away from the adult and move to a safe area.

Find a trusted adult and tell them what happened.


What is a talent?

Something you are good at.


Feeling sorry for someone else is NOT empathy but...



You noticed your friend Genevive with a small pink ball. She told you her mom bought it for her yesterday. You feel confused because two days ago, you saw Sophia with one that looks identical. Like Sophia's, Genevive has the letter S written with a pen on the ball. The day Sophia brought it to school, it went missing. You know how much Sophia liked the ball and how sad she felt when it went missing. You are sure Genevive took Sophia's ball. What do you do?

Tell Genenive that it looks similar to Sophia's ball and even has an S, which is the first initial of Sophia's name. Ask her if it's Sophia's ball.

Tell Genevive that honesty is important, and she should return the ball if it's not hers. 

Tell the teacher your concerns, and your teacher will take the best course of action to solve the situation.


You are having difficulty completing homework. What can you do?

If you attempted it independently and are still struggling, you ask a friend or family member who is knowledgeable in that area for an example or minimal assistance to push you onto the right path. What you should NOT do is have them do "your" homework, as that will not help you understand the material


When you have a goal. What small steps can you take to achieve that goal?

Motivate yourself, practice,  work on it, and ask for help 


What is a goal?

Something you want to achieve or accomplish.


True or False: You can experience more than one emotion at a time.



Your friend told you he would play video games with you when he went home. You logged on at 5:30 p.m., which was the agreed-upon time, but your friend never showed up. You feel disappointed and even a little mad at your friend. The next day, he tells you that his Mom said he needed to finish all his homework and do some chores. How would you respond to this?

What do you think is the best way to respond to this?

Be understanding. He is doing what his mom is asking him to do.

You could tell him to send you a message if something like that comes up again and if you both have access to a phone, so you are aware.


The teacher is giving directions, but your friend sitting next to you keeps talking. You can't hear the directions. What should you do?

(A) Use a quiet signal to them that you want to hear your teacher


You waited a long time, but your mom didn't come to pick you up after school. What should you do?

(A)You stay with your teacher or a trusted adult until she arrives.

(B) If you have access to a cell phone, you can check in to see whether she's running late or stuck in traffic.


What is respect?

Treating someone how you would want to be treated.

Treating someone how they want to be treated.

Caring about the thoughts, beliefs, and rights of someone else.


What is another word for feeling mad?

Angry, upset, frustrated, furious, infuriated, livid


Your friend wants to play tag, but you want to play Uno. What would you do?

Tell your friends how you feel; they may be ok with playing UNO, too.

Tell them that you could split the time evenly and play both. 

Ask them if you could play tag the following day and ask them to play UNO with you today. 


You didn't do your homework. Your teacher was upset with you. What should you do?

You apologize and provide a valid reason for the incomplete work. For the future, make it a priority to complete your homework on time. Remember, not all excuses are valid, and invalid excuses should never be used.


What would you do if your friend told a lie and your teacher asked you about it?

Always tell the truth. Honesty is the best policy!


What is a hidden rule?

This is an expectation that people don't talk about but that we are expected to follow.


Understanding and sharing the feelings of another is called...