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How do we hire contingent workers?


What type of requisition is used to gather a pool of candidates and to create a snapshot of eligible candidates?

Evergreen requisition 


What are ACE questions called in Workday?

Supplemental Questions


Who adds salary ranges to requisitions?



What will we use to standardize job description design?

Workday job templates 

Reqwriter will be retired


What enables hiring manager to create the req and position simultaneously to streamline the process?

Position Management


What are the 3 requisition types in Workday?

Job Requisition, Evergreen, Confidential


In Taleo, there are 4 workflows: experienced, entry level, pipeline, contract labor. How many workflows will there be in Workday?

1 workflow

Why? Workday delivered functionality


Why do salary ranges need to be posted on requisitions?

Northrop Grumman's pay transparency philosophy; stemmed from Colorado's Equal Pay law


Can managers duplicate requisitions?

Yes, hiring managers can copy from a filled or open req. 

Why? Improves efficiency during req creation

Note: Req can still be edited and checked for quality by TABP


Who owns the job requisition?

Managers with TABP as back-up


What are evergreen reqs used for?

Sourcing, URR, Bulk Hiring


What are the 3 job boards in Workday?

Internal, external, restricted job board


Where do TABPs find salary ranges to input into WD?

Workday SAT tool


How do you distinguish Entry Level Reqs from Experienced reqs with a single workflow?

Entry Level & Experienced reqs will be distinguished using the Workday ‘Reason Code’ field.


What requisitions do TABPs own?

URR and Evergreen.


What reqs can go through the offer process on evergreen reqs?

URR only


What is used to send a requisition to a certain population without posting it externally or internally 

Restricted Job Board


What types of reqs will not utilize the WD fields for salary ranges, but instead use the job description?

Intern, SCA, Represented


What is the Additional Job Profiles field used for?

Used for dual-level reqs

Why? Two job profiles on a single req eliminates the need to create a separate req for hire decisions at the higher level. 


Who needs to approve the job requisition?

The manager and TABP (and HRBPs only on manager & above reqs)

Why? Approval matrix designed to standardize req approvals 


What is the auto unpost policy for evergreen reqs?

Evergreen reqs will automatically unpost after 90 days 

Why? Legal/Compliance ask for monitoring evergreen reqs; Improves tracking of candidates


How to add supplemental questions to supplemental question library?

• TABP submits Supplemental Question to Sector Ops POC via spreadsheet using the current shell format

• Sector Ops POC reviews against the shell format guidelines and approves/denies the question

• Approved questions are submitted to TMS to add to the Workday library


Why are TABPs names listed on internal reqs in WD?

To improve transparency for employees


In Taleo, there are 300+ source of hire codes and 9 source of hire options for candidates. How many are there in WD?

TABP: 95 source of hire codes

Candidate: 7 source of hire options 

Why? Streamlined list to choose from for improved operational efficiency 

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