Infection Control
National Patient Safety Goals
Medication Management
Emergency Management and Environment of Care
Provision of Care, Treatment & Services

The hand hygiene practice module we follow at Gundersen.

What is World Health Organization's "My 5 Moments"


The two patient identifiers.

What is patient's name and date of birth?


This is where your department's emergency preparedness plan is located.

What is the red binder?

Radiology: manager's office next to copy machine

OB: MA workstation

ONA: ultrasound office, and check in desk 


This is where you can find the documentation of a nursing assessment in Epic.

What are profiles, flow sheets, or notes?


What is the wet time for Oxivir wipes?

What is one minute?

This is the first step when a medication error or adverse drug reaction occurs.

What is ensure the patient is safe/stabilized?


A.L.I.C.E. is the acronym for this.

What is Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate?


Always use this when assessing for abuse in a non-English speaking patient.

What is a hospital interpreter?


The two tiers of precautions observed at Gundersen.

What is Standard and Transmission-based.


This is performed prior to each MSK/interventional procedure. 

What is medication history?


This is where you can find Safety Data Sheets for chemicals.

What is Gladiator/A-Z Resources/MSDS Online?


What ultrasound exam(s) with acute findings or major changes from a previous interpretation would be considered a critical test result? 

Leaking/ruptured AAA dissection

Intracranial hemorrhage

possible retained item following an invasive procedure


* Critical results require verbal communication within 60 minutes of discovery 


What is the wet time for Sono Disinfecting wipes?

What is 15 seconds? 


These are the three elements of Universal Protocol.

What are pre-procedure verification, site marking, and time out?


These people are authorized to turn off medical gas valves in an emergency.

Who are La Crosse Fire Department, Security, Facility Operations, or Respiratory Therapy?


The 5 moments for performing hand hygiene.

What is: Before patient contact, Before an aseptic task, After body fluid exposure risk, After patient contact, & After contact with patient surroundings.


What 3 things must be included on the medication label when we do procedures?  

1. What is the medication or solution name?

2. What is the strength 

3.  What amount of medication or solution containing medication 


What is the difference between an evacuation order for shelter in place, horizonal, and vertical?

shelter in place: external conditions are too hazardous to leave 

horizontal: move to an adjacent area of the same floor separated by a fire door(s)

Vertical means to move patients to a safe area via stairways, one or more floors below the fire, and beyond closed fire doors. 

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