Partnerships & Initiatives
Kappa Delta Foundation & Founding
Kappa Delta Basics

What does our open motto, Ta Kala Diokomen mean?

"Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest."


Kappa delta's national programs & initiatives are linked to what?



What date was Kappa Delta founded? What is the current name of the school where KD was founded?

- October 23rd, 1897

- Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia


What is Kappa Delta's flower?

white rose


How long is membership in Kappa Delta?

A lifetime


Finish our creed:

May we sisters in Kappa Delta, ______. May we each day through love _______ learn to know and understand _______. May the _______ that guards out love find us each day ____________.

strive each day to seek more earnestly the honorable and beautiful things; of those within our circle; better those without our circle. diamond shield; truer, wiser, more faithful, more loving, and more noble.


Kappa Delta has two national philanthropies that chapters support. What are they?

Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) & Girl Scouts of the USA


What is the Kappa Delta Foundation and how is it supported?

The Kappa Delta Foundation secures ______, leadership and ______ of Kappa Delta Sorority. The Foundation is supported _______.

funds for the educational; charitable purposes; through member donations.


What are the colors of Kappa Delta

Olive green and Pearl white


Name at least two forms of print and/or electronic communication Kappa Delta uses to communicate with collegians and alumnae.

The Angelos

Websites (, etc.)





Fill in the Blanks for Kappa Delta's Purpose:

The purpose of Kappa Delta is to promote ________ by _______ those principals of ____, of ____, of _____ without which there could be no true friendship.

true friendship among college girls of our country; inculcating into their hearts and lives; truth; honor; duty


What are the two international holidays that Kappa Delta created to celebrate women and girls? When are they celebrated?

- International Women's Friendship Month (September)

- International Girls Day (November 14th)


Fill in the blank for Kappa Delta Mission statement

Kappa Delta Sorority is a national organization for women committed to:

-encouraging members to live with ______;

-building confidence in _____ and throughout their lives;

-inspiring members to be ______, ______ and engaged ______; and

-providing opportunities and experiences that foster ____________.

integrity and honor in the bonds of lifelong friendship; members to help them excel in college; active leaders; responsible citizens; members of the community; personal and professional growth for a lifetime


What is Kappa Delta's mascot?

Teddy Bear


Leadership is an important focus of Kappa Delta Sorority, which is why the sorority provides members a number of opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Name two ways you can serve as a leader in the chapter or on campus.

Governing Council Offices

Executive Board Offices

Appointed Offices

SET Leaders

Serving on a committee

Panhellenic offices

Student Gov.

Varsity/Club Athletics

Student orgs.


Fill in the Blanks for Kappa Delta's Vision Statement:

Kappa Delta sorority provides _______ and ______ through the power of ___________.

experiences that build confidence in women; inspire them to action; lifelong friendship.


What are the three branches of Kappa Delta's confidence platform?

- Encouraging confidence in chapter members;

- Celebrating confidence in women;

- Encouraging confidence on campuse and in communities


Name the four founding members of Kappa Delta Sorority FULL NAMES REQUIRED

- Lenora Ashmore Blackiston

- Sara Turner White

- Julia Gardiner Tyler Wilson

- Mary Sommerville Sparks Hendrick


What are Kappa Delta's jewels?





You are a member for life when you are initiated. List 5 ways you can stay active in Kappa Delta once you have graduated.

Join/Organize an alumnae chapter

Read the Angelos

Visit KD websites

Serve on a CAB or house corp.

Update email and mailing address with nationals

Write letters of recommendation for potential new members

Plan a reunion with your member class

Support the Kappa Delta foundation

Work at KD Nationals HQ

Serve on the National Leadership Team


Fill in the Object of Kappa Delta:

The object of Kappa Delta Sorority is the _________, friendship and _________; the encouragement of ___________ the promotion of _______; and the furtherance of _______.

formation and perpetuation of good fellowship, sisterly love among it’s members; literature and education; social interest; charitable and benevolent purposes


Fill in the Blanks on how KD connects philanthropy to the platform of confidence:

Kappa Deltas build confidence in Girl Scouts by ________ and ______. Activities like _______ are meant to help them be their best selves. Kappa Delta supports PCAA's prevention efforts because ________. Chapters raise funds for PCAA through ________.

serving as mentors; encouraging them to pursue their dreams.; campus tours and anti-bullying workshops; abuse shatters a child's confidence.; annual Shamrock events.


Fill in the blank of what the Golden Circle is and who is part of it:

The Golden Circle is comprised of _________. As members of the Golden Circle, each member _________ to the Foundation in support of its ______, educational and _________. 

all collegiate chapters that have donated to the Kappa Delta Foundation.; contributes a minimum of $12 annually; leadership; philanthropic initiatives. 


What are Kappa Delta's symbols?

Nautilus shell


Diamond shape


What are the five areas of concentration that make up Chapter Excellence?

-Leadership & Financial stewardship 

-Member development


-Philanthropy and Community engagement

-Social responsibility and safety