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What are the Six Support Types in Care4?

Counseling Session, Consulting Session, Outreach & Engagement Activity, Administrative & Support Activity, Ineligible Request, Special Scenario/Outlier Situation


True or False: Activity forms are due by COB (closed of business). Since MFLC headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri, OCONUS MFLCs have until 11:59pm CST to enter my activity records.

COB refers to the end of your workday in the time zone you are performing the work


The School MFLC has a table set up on Back to School Night. Throughout the evening, parents stop by to speak with the MFLC. Three parents specifically discussed concerns about telling their child about an upcoming deployment. The MFLC enters the evening as one activity record - 3-hour General Outreach & Engagement. Yay or nay?

The MFLC should divide the time into meaningful interactions and enter each interaction separately. Depending on the content of the interactions with the three parents those might be counseling or consultations. If the MFLC provided one or more briefings, each briefing would be a separate entry.


Is there a limit to how many people I can support?

Counseling session: used when supporting an eligible individual, group, family or couple and you have covered the LOC (Limits of Confidentiality). The maximum number of participants is 15.

Consulting session has no participant limit, but you should only enter the number of people who were present for the consultation.


How do I document marital status for children?



If someone requests MFLC support but is not eligible for the program, which support type do you choose in Care4?

What is an Ineligible Request?

Non-eligible member requests for MFLC support that is NOT for or about an eligible client.

Eligible member requests for MFLC support that is NOT for or about an eligible member


What is an appropriate amount of time to document for a "No Show"?

College Professor Rules:

A 'no show' should be no more than 10 minutes. At that point, the expectation is for the MFLC to engage in another activity.


A readiness care coordinator at the AFRC asks to speak to the adult MFLC about marital challenges at home. How does the adult MFLC enter this interaction into Care4?

1 - screen for eligibility

2 - if eligible, read LOC and conduct counseling session

3 - if not eligible, provide a referral and enter this as an ineligible request (keep this brief)


True or False: MFLCs should aim to document 4 hours of direct support and 3 hours of indirect support each day.



How do I document married status for non-married adults?



What is the difference between a non-eligible member and a non-eligible request?

A non-eligible member does not meet the criteria for MFLC Program Services. (e.g., civilians for their personal issues, civilian child in public school, retired/separated veterans outside the 180 days).

A non-eligible request may come from a member who meets the criteria for the MFLC program but the request is out of scope.


Can I combine more than one service in the same Activity Record?

Do not lump all activities into one category. Break up activities to reflect all the different types of support and the time you spent in each type of support.

e.g. activity for 500 people lasted 3 hours-enter the O&E activity for the presentation, time and number present, and enter additional activity records as needed to reflect any other meaningful encounters


Where can you go for a review of Care4?

Care4 Refresher Training

Regional Supervisor

Group Supervision

Individual Supervision


What percentage of Ineligible Requests should have a referral?



Can I ever use Single for a participant 17 and under?



Which of the six support types in Care4 are considered direct support?

Counseling Sessions

Consulting Sessions

Outreach & Engagement Activity


Your colleague Leo is a school MFLC. Today is a professional development day. Leo tells you how nice it was that he only had to enter 2 activity records for today that were 3 hours each. Will these entries be flagged? 



Under Administrative & Support activities, "participant follow-up contact" is listed as an option. This means an MFLC can call anyone who is eligible for the program and provide telephonic support.

False! No cold calling or solicitation. No telephonic services. 


The target entry for Limits of Confidentiality (LOC) is 100% of counseling sessions. Therefore, each time I meet with a child I have to read the LOC regardless of their age.


The parental consent serves as the LOC for children. 

Confirm you have a signed parental consent before providing services to a minor.


I am meeting with a parent in session and we are talking about their child. What do I enter for marital status?



What is the Care4 definition of "Caregiver"?

“Caregivers” are those that are responsible for the care of wounded warriors or severely injured service members and should not be used to record activity in support of staff members of CDC.


Is it possible to have a 5 minute counseling session?

Not in the MFLC Program


A Caregiver is in single ratio and requests the CYB MFLC walk with her class from the playground to the classroom for support. Can the MFLC document this time?

Yes! Consulting Session - Classroom transitions or Coaching/Role Modeling.


Do Adult & CYB MFLCs have the same target percentage of referrals on counseling sessions?


Adult: 60% of counseling sessions

CYB: 20% of counseling sessions


True or False: Children don't usually know their parent's rank and sometimes service members come to session in civilian clothes and not their uniform. I should document rank as "n/a" or "unknown".