Famous Arrest
Famous Cold Cases
Questionable Deaths

What is the name of billionaire that owned an private island, but was arrested due to to illegal things happening on that island

Jeffery Epstein


What name was given to a killer for their mysterious and how no one is sure what they looked liked, but only had symbols for hints

The Zodiac Killer


People believe this President wasn't killed by a sole party, but by the government



Started to mail bombs in 1978 and continued for 17 years, until he was arrested in 2016

(First bomb was sent to a Chicago University)

(Netflix Documentary)

The Unabomber

Theodore Kaczynski


Approximately how many cold cases are there in the USA

(In the hundreds of thousands)

(To the nearest ten thousand) 



Father of wireless electricity,but when they found out he could emit electricity through the world without wires,but he died from a clot in his arteries before he could finish his work 

Nikola Tesla


What is the nickname of a Mexican cartel leader that was arrested in 2023 for being behind a killing of a  drug cartels lawyer in 2013 

Jose Rodolfo "El Gato" Villareal-Hernandez


What is the alleged name of the person who hijacked a plane and demanded 200,000$ in ransom money, but ended up jumping out of the plane without a trace in 1971

D.B. Cooper


This man invented the first water-powered car, but ended up "dying" from a stroke. People believe Big Oil may have wanted him dead

Stanley Meyer


This famous QB was arrested for having involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring

(First QB to rush for 1k yards)

Michael Vick


What hotel is known for its death list, but mostly known for the cold case murder of Elisa Lam

(Netflix had a documentary about this hotel)

The Cecil Hotel


This princess had funded over 100 charities, and help the homeless and disabled people and kids. She used her money for the people, but died in a car crash, and people believe her husband or her sister was responsible.

Princess Diana


One of the most famous mobsters in the world that was arrested in 1929

(Nickname was Scarface)

Al Capone


What is the name of a series that focuses on unsolved disappearances in National Parks & Forest

Missing 411


This man exposed the CIA for helping the drug trade, and even appeared on the news with his story but "Died" from suicide in 2004, but had 2 gunshot wounds

Gary Webb