The School Day Part 1
Reading Super Power!
Name that Teacher
The School Day Part 2
Bonus Category: Challenge Questions

We start the day finding out what we will do, sometimes we even go into break out rooms!

Morning Message!


I use my finger to follow along with the words in my book. I must make sure as I say the words I look!

Pointer Power!


This teacher loves to get creative through drawings and paintings. Sometimes in her room, we may get a little messy!

Ms. Yuliya!


At the end of the day, we finished all of our work Hip Hip Hooray! We say our animal facts and then we can play!

Closing Circle!


Heggerty Fun: words that rhyme with at

bat, mat, cat, sat, that, hat, pat, rat, splat!


We fill our 10 frames with a dot each day, sometimes we count these even like a horse neigh!

Days of School!


I get stuck on a word and I can't figure it out, I look at the picture to know what the author is talking about!

Picture Power!


These teachers teach Kindergarten!

Ms. Melissa, Ms. Amy Ms. Jessica Ms. Abby & Ms. Jillian!!!


During this part of the day, we help Mabel with her letters and sounds. Don't forget to remind her that every word has a vowel!



Phonics Fun: which is the correct way to spell






Together we read the poem of the week, our smooth reading like a teacher is on fleek!

Shared Reading


I look at the picture and then check the word, to make sure the letter sounds match like B-I-R-D.

Sound Power!


This teacher is a master guitar player who can carry a tune! He loves to play music for all to enjoy!

Mr Mack!


Get your 10 frames and 100s charts ready to solve word problems during this part of our day!

Math Workshop


Math Fun: How many tens and ones are in the number 23

2 tens, 3 ones!


Hop onto zoom at your appropriate time, we do writing or math workshop during this time!

Teacher time!


I see these words all the time, I read them in a snap, sometimes in shared reading we give them a clap!

Snap Word Power!


Velcro your sneakers or tie your shoes. This teacher will have you balancing, hopping or running in twos!

Coach D!


Grab your tablet or stack your books up high! All readers are working hard during private and partner time!

Reading Workshop


Writing Fun: What do we put at the end of our sentences?

Period, Exclamation Point, Question Mark


The end of the day on Friday is our favorite part of the week. We celebrate all of our work being done, so we can enjoy the weekend and have some fun!

River Ravin' Celebration!

This power we use after we close the book. We talk about what happened, share our favorite part and sometimes we go back and look!

Book Talk Power!


These staff member are the principal and vice principal of our school. They're in charge of making sure everyone follows the rules.

Ms. Jessica and Ms. Daria!


During this part of our day, we start by thinking of an idea of what to write about. Then we sketch and plan our sentences to teach others all about!

Writing Workshop!


SAVE FOR LAST! Learning Fun: Who are Ms Amy and Ms Melissa most proud of this school year?

K3 learners!!!!

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