Food Safety
Kitchen Safety
Basic baking and cooking techniques

Should meat products be refrigerated or frozen?

Should be placed in the freezer.


Can we wear high heels when entering the kitchen?

We should wear slippers with anti slip properties when entering the kitchen.


Can eggs be heated in the microwave?

Eggs can explode when heated in a microwave.


What is the danger zone?

It is the temperature between 4 to 60 degrees .


Can we use water to extinguish the fire when the pot catches fire while we are cooking?

No .We can sprinkle salt or cover the pot with a lid to extinguish the fire.


Do we need to wear gloves to pick up food when the food in the oven is cooked?

The plates in the oven are very hot, so gloves are needed.


How to preserve food from Kaifengļ¼Ÿ

Store in the refrigerator.


Can we not worry about the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen?

No . Over time, it may breed many bacteria.


What to pay attention to when opening the oven?

Wear insulated gloves and stand sideways by the oven.


Can moldy food be consumed?

No, it's prone to food poisoning or diarrhea.


How can we pass the knife to someone when they need it?

Facing oneself with the tip of the knife, facing others with the handle of the knife.


What is the difference between stir frying and deep frying.

The frying heat is higher, and frying requires more oil.

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