8th Grade Math Units
Classroom Routines/Activities
All about Kj
Class Issues

What was the first unit we studied in 8th math? 

What is Rigid Transformations. 


What did Mr. Kj tell everyone in class day one? 

What is we are family? 


How many kids does Mr. Kj have? What are are their names?

What is Two? What is Mila And Natalia


What does Mr. Kj do each time we get on his nerves?

What is a giving us a lecture?


Any base raised to the power of zero is? 

What is 1? 


Considered the most difficult lesson of 8th grade math. 

What is the Slope or Functions? 


What are the three things that belonged in your title for your notes in class?

What is date, period and name of lesson? 


Where was Mr. Kj born and raised? Bonus points when did he first start living in DC?

What is Miami, Florida

What is During High School


What is the percentage of effort Mr. Kj asks us to at least give us during math class? 

What is 90%?


Mr. Kj listens to which Bad Bunny song a lot during class? 

Who is Titi me pregunto?


What Unit did we have the most Criteria B assessments? 

What is Exponent and Scientific Notation? 


What is the average number of pages we have in a class packet (class assignments)? 

What is two pages front and back


What is Mr. Kj's Nationality? Bonus Which parent is what?

What is White, Puerto Rican and Black

What is Mom is white and black

What is Dad is Puerto Rican


What student does Mr. Kj tend to favor during class? 

What is Diego?

What is Flor, Kelly, Dilicia and David


The acronym D.C.I stands for and helps us with? 

What is Distribute, Combine, and Inverses and helps us solve equations?

What units did we cover in under under a week? 

What is the Pythagorean Theorem or What is Volume? 


What are the three main resources available for every unit on the website?  

What is a lesson video, copy of teacher notes, and student copy?


What sport did Mr. Kj play as a child until it ended professionally for him? 

What is Football? 


When the class has done well, what foods have Mr. Kj bought to reward you? 

What is pizza, empanadas or doughnuts? 


What is the name of Kj's Japanese Akita (Dog)? 

What is Yoshi? 


What concept/topic span three different units? Hint it appeared in Linear Relations, Functions, and Statistics 

What is Slope? 


What assessment can you do a resubmission for if you are not to fond of your initial score?

What is a summative? 


What is Mr. Kj's wife's nationality and her name?

What is Filipino? Who is Sharon? 


 The one thing that you could give Mr. Kj during class that will calm him down from being upset...

What are takis and hot cheetos?


Like most students, teachers name their group chats. What was the name of the 8th grade math teams group chat? 

What is 8th grade math bros? 

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