Lab Safety 1
Clean up

When should safety goggle be worn in science lab/

¿Cuándo se deben usar gafas de seguridad en el laboratorio de ciencias?

What is whenever the teacher or directions instruct you to wear them


Allergies should be reported to the teacher during this time/

Las alergias deben informarse al maestro durante este tiempo.

What is before you start the lab


you should do this after you are finished with a lab/

debe hacer esto después de que haya terminado con un laboratorio

What is clean the lab station


If a strong acid or base gets on your skin you should you should do this/

Si un ácido o base fuerte entra en contacto con su piel, debe hacerlo.

What isrinse with plenty of running water


You should use these when handling hot objects/

Debe usarlos cuando manipule objetos calientes.

What are gloves or tongs


True or false: You are allowed to eat and drink in the science lab/

Verdadero o falso: se le permite comer y beber en el laboratorio de ciencias.

What is false


When completing an outdoor lab you should do this before you return inside/

Al completar un laboratorio al aire libre, debe hacer esto antes de regresar al interior

What is perform a tick check


Broken glass should be/

Los vidrios rotos deben ser

What is picked up by the teacher and placed in a special container


a stock solution can be contaminated by/

una solución madre puede estar contaminada por

What is pouring chemicals back into the original bottle,exchanging droppers between bottles, or placing stoppers on the lab table


Before using any electrical equipment you should/

Antes de utilizar cualquier equipo eléctrico, debe

What is check the cord for frayed wires


what should you do in something seems unsafe in the science lab/

¿Qué debe hacer si algo parece inseguro en el laboratorio de ciencias?

What is tell the teacher immediately


True or False: Contact lenses may be worn in place of safety goggles/

Verdadero o falso: se pueden usar lentes de contacto en lugar de gafas de seguridad

What is false


If there in a spill in the lab you should/

Si hay un derrame en el laboratorio, debe

What is tell the teacher and clean up the spill


This substance may be used to neutralize spilled acid/

Esta sustancia se puede utilizar para neutralizar el ácido derramado

What is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)


You should use these to heat test tubes/

Deberías usarlos para calentar tubos de ensayo.

What are boiling stones or a water bath


you should do this when your teacher asks for your attention during a lab/

deberías hacer esto cuando tu profesor pida tu atención durante un laboratorio

What is stop what you are doing and pay attention to the teacher


You should do this with long hair when in the lab/

deberías hacer esto con el pelo largo cuando estés en el laboratorio

What is tie it back


Backpacks should be kept/

Las mochilas deben mantenerse

What is out of the aisles and under your seats


When mixing acid and water you should always do this/

Cuando mezcle ácido y agua, siempre debe hacer esto.

What is add the acid to the water


When unplugging an electrical cord you should/

Al desenchufar un cable eléctrico, debe

What is grab the plug and not the cord


When testing for odors you should/

Al realizar pruebas de olores, debe

What is hold the chemical about an arm's lenght away and wave your hand over it.


If you get acid in your eyes you should/

Si le entra ácido en los ojos, debe

What is use the eye wash station and rinsing the eyes from the inner corner to the outside for 15 minutes.


When may you dump solid waste or broken glass down the drain/

¿Cuándo se pueden tirar residuos sólidos o vidrios rotos por el desagüe?

What is never


how are most eye burns caused/
¿Cómo se producen la mayoría de las quemaduras en los ojos? 

What is by rubbing eyes with unclean hands


True or False: It is ok to point a test toward a lab partner while it is being heated/

Verdadero o falso: está bien apuntar una prueba hacia un compañero de laboratorio mientras se calienta

What is false

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