Figurative Language

Identify the subject of this sentence:

School is oodles of fun!



Is the verb in the following sentence in the past, present, or future tense?

I will succeed in my studies this year.



A noun is _____________.

a person, place, or thing


Identify all of the adjectives in the following sentence:

The cheesy, flavorful macaroni and cheese won awards.

cheesy, flavorful


Fill in the blanks:

1. A __________ makes a comparison using "like," "as," or "than."

2. A ___________ makes a comparison without using "like," "as," or "than."

1. A SIMILE makes a comparison using "like," "as," or "than."

2. A METAPHOR makes a comparison without using "like," "as," or "than."


Identify the subject of this sentence:

The hockey players and their coach were photographed for the newspaper.

The hockey players and their coach


Identify all of the present tense verbs in this sentence:

When the music stops, everyone finds a chair and sits down.

stops, finds, sits


Identify all of the nouns in the following sentence:

The colorful painting was such a great addition to the museum!

painting, addition, museum


Identify all of the adjectives (including predicate adjectives) in the following sentence:

The spicy beef tacos were delicious!

spicy, beef, delicious


Rewrite the following sentence and UNDERLINE the simile and CIRCLE the metaphor in this sentence.

Her smile lit up the room like warm summer sunshine.

Simile: like warm summer sunshine

Metaphor: Her smile lit up the room


Identify the COMPLETE subject of this sentence:

Sweet, peaceful music filled the air in the auditorium.

Sweet, peaceful music


Identify the linking verb in the following sentence:

"Your haircut is absolutely beautiful!" Bill exclaimed to Jenny.



Identify ALL of the nouns (including proper nouns) in the following sentence. Be careful - some words may seem like nouns but are functioning as adjectives!

The spicy chips resulted in Alexis getting a stomach ache.

chips, ache


Use the following adjectives in a complete sentence:

adorable    energetic      playful

Example: The adorable kittens in the shelter were energetic and playful!


Respond to the following:

1. __________ is when you give human traits or qualities to something that is not human.

2. Write a sentence that demonstrates this type of figurative language.

1. PERSONIFICATION is when you give human traits or qualities to something that is not human.

2. The sun smiled down on her as she skipped through the park. :-)


Identify the SIMPLE subject of this sentence:

Her beautiful, soft velvet coat was also very warm.



Identify all of the verbs in the following sentence IN ORDER. Then, identify the TENSE of the verbs (hint: the tense is the same for all of the verbs).

When I arrived at the grocery store and found the bakery section, I walked very quickly and grabbed the last pack of muffins!

arrived, found, walked, grabbed

TENSE: past


Identify the proper nouns in the following sentence.

Dani, Sam, and Kyle went to Target to buy all of their school supplies because the selection at Walmart wasn't that great.

Dani, Sam, Kyle, Target, Walmart


Come up with SEVEN adjectives to describe the room or things you see around the room!


organized, colorful, bright, exciting, comfortable, engaging, warm, quiet or loud, welcoming


Boom! Bang! Crash! These are examples of... (choose one)

hyperbole    onomatopoeia    idiom     alliteration



Identify the subject of this sentence:

Clean the dinner table tonight, please!



Come up with TEN verbs for things that we do at school or in the classroom!


learn, study, practice, read, write, solve, communicate, discuss, analyze, understand, listen, talk, socialize, explore


Look around the room and write down four nouns that begin with the letter C. The nouns can be proper nouns.

Answer varies. Examples if students need hints: computer, chairs, calendar, carpet, cables, clock, colors


Write out the first name of EACH member in your group. Come up with an adjective to describe each member of your group that begins with the first letter of their name! For example, for Amy, you could put "amicable." 

FOR GROUPS THAT HAVE LESS MEMBERS THAN THE REST, they must come up with additional adjectives to describe group members to meet the same amount of adjectives as other groups!


A- amazing, B- brave, C- crazy, D- dazzling, E- elated, F- friendly, G- goofy, H- hilarious, I- iconic, J- jazzy, K- kind, L- lively, M- magnetic, N- neat, O- outgoing, P- playful, Q- quirky, R- radiant, S- smart, T- talkative, U- unbreakable, V- vibrant, W- witty, X- xenial?, Y- youthful, Z- zestful


Write a sentence (or a few sentences) that include at least THREE different types of figurative language. Underline each example of figurative language!

Use the reference list below for help (but if you know other types of figurative language beyond the list, go for it)!

metaphor: a comparison NOT using "like," "as," or "than"

simile: a comparison using "like," "as," or "than"

personification: giving human traits or qualities to something that is not human

onomatopoeia: using words to represent sounds

idiom: a commonly used phrase that doesn't mean what it says

alliteration: the repetition of initial consonant sound in three or more words to make a sentence stand out

hyperbole: using extreme exaggeration to make a point


Bounce! The point guard moved the basketball across the court like a dragon breathes fire at its enemies. Even the floorboards of the court could feel the intensity of tonight's game.

(onomatopoeia, simile, personification)

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