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the leading feature management platform with enterprise-grade architecture that enables you to deliver and control software with speed, safety, and consistency

What is LaunchDarkly?


Scale, Advanced capabilities, maintenance and performance, collaboration and visibility

Why should I use LaunchDarkly over my own homegrown system?

  • Reduce # of environments. Flag aspects of a feature and control the larger release by using pre-requisites. Quickly turn off any breaking feature.

  • Test features in production by releasing internally first. Roll out features gradually to gauge the impact of a risky change. Have teammates review and approve 



separates code deployment from feature release, enabling delivery teams to continuously deploy code with control over features. Teams that employ feature management increase developer productivity, maintain high system performance, and continuously improve the quality of their software.

What is Feature Management?


experimentation businesses -- they offer feature flags to appeal to devs and compete with us, but their focus is selling to marketers and product managers.

What are Split and Optimizely?

  • Faster release cycles. Separate deploy from release. Manage flags and user segments via a non-technical, friendly UI.

  • Control user access with segments. Ability to schedule and automate feature launches

Product Manager


20 trillion

How many FFs evaluated daily?

focused on developers, but isn't a feature management business at heart. Their focus is an existing CI/CD suite with flag support added to cover a gap.

What is Cloudbees?

  • Incrementally build and test new functionality for gradual rollouts, reduce complexity of release process

  • Integrate with observability tools to detect which features may have caused the metric alert. Automate a kill switch to ensure application availability despite breaking features. Reduce the number of environments to monitor and manage.

  • Monitor feature flags in existing APM tools.

Operations IC


Code Refs, Flag Archive, Compare and Copy, Slack stale flag notifications, etc.

What is maintaining and archiving flags?

  • With migrations, reduce the likelihood and impact of migration-related errors and reduce developer toil.

  • Empower business counterparts to control the release of new components to end-users.

Development lead

  • Get the right experiences to the right users at the right time with controlled releases and experiments.

  • Reduce the risk of downtime with production testing and instant rollbacks. 

  • Unify engineering and business to accelerate customer value with a single platform for releases and experiments.

CX Executive

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