Main Idea

What is main idea?

The Main Idea is what the text is mostly about.


What is Theme?

Theme is a the message, moral, or lesson of the story.


What types of Characterization are there?

Direct And Indirect Chracterization


What is Plot?

The basic sequence of events that make up a story.


What is the difference between the main idea of a story and the theme of a story?

The main idea is mostly what the story is about (a short summary). The theme is the life lesson or moral that the author wants us to remember. It may have nothing to do with the details of the story itself.


Kangaroos eat grasses, leaves and roots. The joey lives in the mother's pouch for 9 months.They only like grass that is green and close to the ground.What is the main idea of the paragraph?

Kangaroos eat grasses, leaves and roots.


The theme of a story is always STATED. True or False?



What is Direct Characterization?

When the narrator directly describes the character in the story.


What is the Exposition?

the introduction that provide details about characters and setting


The trusting woman is a direct or indirect characterization?



The Statue of Liberty is visited by thousands of people every year. The Statue of Liberty is a 151 foot statue of a woman holding a book and a torch. It is located on an island in New York Harbor. It was a gift of friendship from the people of France.It has become a universal symbol of freedom.What is the main idea of the paragraph?

The Statue of Liberty is visited by thousands of people every year.


Money Mark was born rich. He never had to work a day in his life and he got everything handed to him on a silver platter. When he was six, Money Mark wanted to go to a basketball game. His father paid the starting five of the Bulls and Celtics to play a private game of Nerf-ball in Money Mark's bedroom. When Money Mark turned thirteen, he wanted to start a band. His father hired the Rolling Stones to play with him every Saturday at the family's private concert hall, though his family was never there. By the time he was twenty-one, Money Mark was bored with life. He was surrounded by a bunch of possessions that he didn't appreciate and Money Mark could find nothing new or exciting in his life. Despite his vast wealth, Money Mark was never satisfied. What is the theme?

Money can't buy happiness.


What is Indirect Characterization?

When the narrator uses certain actions to reveal character traits.


What is the conflict?

Conflict is a clash between two opposing forces that creates the narrative thread for a story.


In The Three Little Pigs, the three little pigs' mother wanted the pigs to go out and make their own lives for themselves. She packs them lunches and sends them on their way. What part of the plot is this?



Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful sights in North America.It is on the Niagra River about halfway between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.Niagara Falls is on the American and Canadian border.The American Falls is 167 feet high.On the Canadian side, the Horseshoe Falls is 161 feet high.What is the main idea of the paragraph?

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful sights in North America.


Julia wanted to become a doctor for as long as she could remember. In college when her friends were out at the mall or going out with friends, Julia spent all of her time studying. At graduation, Julia graduated with high honors and was offered a job shortly after. What is the theme?

A Studying is important.

B It is important to go to college.

C Hard work pays off.

C.) Hard work pays off.


What method is used to identify indirect characterization?

S.T.E.A.L Method


What is Rising Action?

The Rising Action is the part of the story that develops the problem or conflict and build suspense.


What is Falling Action?

The Falling Action is the events after the climax or turning point that leads to the resolution.


The Erie Canal changed the way people moved goods and supplies in the mid 1800's.The 363 mile canal connected Albany, New York to Lake Erie in Buffalo for the first time. When the canal opened in 1825, building supplies and goods could be transported quickly and cheaply across New York State.Canal boats pulled by mules carried people and supplies the 363 miles.What is the main idea of the paragraph?

The Erie Canal changed the way people moved goods and supplies in the mid 1800's.


Mrs. Smith was doing a unit on healthy living with her students. All week she taught her students about eating the correct foods like fruits and vegetables. Over the weekend, some of Mrs. Smith's students were at the mall and saw her eating pizza, a milkshake, and candy. Mrs. Smith's student Molly was going to order a salad, but now decided to order junk food too. What is the theme? 

A Actions speak louder than words 

B Never eat pizza at the mall 

C Vegetables are good for you

A.) Actions speak louder than words


What does S.T.E.A.L stand for?

Speech, Thoughts, Effects on others, Actions, Looks


What is Climax?

The Climax is the turning point of the story where the problem or conflict reaches its peak.


What is Resolution?

The Resolution is the conclusion to the story that reveals the solution to the problem or the conflict.

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