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If one of my family members bought me a present I would feel...

Excited, thankful, grateful 

Let's dig a little bit deeper than just feeling happy. Our eyes might get big, or smiles might be huge from excitement. Maybe our hearts may feel warm because our loved one went out their way by doing something nice for us. 


If I tripped and fell in front of my peers I might feel...

Embarrassed, Ashamed 

When things happen to us in front of our peers it is normal to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Being embarrassed is a common feeling and it happens to everybody.


If my parents gave me a big hug when I got home from program I might feel...

Loved, Important, Happy

When others show us affection we feel loved and cared for!


If someone in my house was being loud while I was trying to watch TV I might feel

Annoyed, Aggravated 

It is normal to feel annoyed when someone is distracting you from an activity you enjoy. You might find yourself rolling your eyes when this happens.


If did not eat all day I might feel...

Hungry, Grumpy

If you haven't eaten all day you might feel the hunger pains start to kick in! This may also make you feel grumpy! 


If I failed at something, math test, I might feel...

Disapointed, Sad, Embarrassed, Angry

Failing is never a good feeling. Sometimes we might feel disappointed in ourselves because we did not get the outcome we wanted. Maybe you feel sad because you tried your hardest. Either way, it is okay to express those emotions. We just have to keep trying our hardest moving forward!


If I accomplished a big goal of mine like passing my permit or driving test or got a new job, I might feel...

Proud, Elated, Happy, Excited

Reaching your goals is a great accomplishment! Seeing progress might make you smile or jump up with excitement!


If someone broke my phone on purpose I might feel...

Angry, Furious, Disrespected 

When other people disrespect our personal items we get angry. You might feel your heart start to race and your face turn red.


If my bestfriend got the new game or phone that I wanted I might feel...

Jealous, Envious 

Jealousy can arise when somebody has something that you want. It can also arise in friendships. Maybe seeing your bestfriend hanging out with new people makes you jealous. 


If I ate something that I did not like I might feel...

Disgusted, Sick

Nobody wants to eat food they don't like! You might make a face of disgust or even spit the food out!


If someone called me a mean name I might feel...

Hurt or Sad

Sometimes, people say mean things to us that really hurts our feelings. Maybe it even makes you cry. It is okay to show those emotions. Talking to a family member, friend, teacher, or school counselor can help you work through those feelings.


If I heard one of my family members got sick with COVID, I might feel...

Scared, Terrified, Fearful 

Sometimes we cannot avoid getting sick, it just happens! We might want to blame others for that person getting sick, and even get angry, or become stressed worrying for them. These are normal reactions to fear!


If I walked into my house and all my friends were there without my knowledge I would feel...

Surprised, Shocked, Excited

The feeling of being surprised appears when something happens that you do not expect! Maybe your friends are throwing you a surprise birthday party!


If I had no internet, no games, and nothing to do I might feel...


Having nothing to do brings in boredom! You might find yourself looking around for something to do.


If I found something new and wanted to explore it I might feel...

Curious, Interested 

New things interest people with curious minds! You might find yourself asking questions like who, what, when, where, why, and how!


If I forgot my phone at home I would feel...

Worried, Nervous, Scared

Sometimes we make mistakes and forget important items at home. This might cause you to feel worried.


If I got home from school and had to complete my chores, make myself something to eat, and then go to practice, I might feel...

Overwhelmed, Stressed 

Having a lot of responsibilities can be stressful! Sometimes it might feel like you have too much on your plate.


If I met someone for the first time I might feel...

Shy, Nervous 

Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking for some! You might be more quite than usual or feel a little bit uncomfortable. Overtime you might feel the shyness go away!


If it was 100 degrees outside and the sun was shinning on me I might feel...

Hot, Overheated, Thirsty

We all know the sun is very hot! Being outside might make you feel hot and thirsty!


If I was nice to the new skater at practice I might feel...

Friendly, Welcoming 

Being a new student can be scary, but it always helps when someone is being friendly to them! Maybe you will invite the student to eat with you at or lunch or sit together during a lesson.


If I made my friend cry I would feel...

Sorry, Remorseful, Guilty

Sometimes, we hurt other people's feelings either on purpose or unintentionally. Regardless, saying "I'm sorry" goes a long way!


If I didn't fall asleep until 4am and I have to wake up at 6am for skating practice I might feel...

Tired, Drowsy, Cranky

Sleep is important, and it is recommend we get 8 hours a night. If you did not get any sleep you might feel sluggish in the morning or even cranky. There might be dark circles around your eyes or you might yawn throughout the day. 


If I had no friends at school I might feel...

Lonely, Depressed, Sad, Isolated

Having friends is important in our social life. It can feel good to have a friend we relate to and have fun with. When someone does not have any friends they might feel isolated and sad.


If I meditated I might feel..

Calm, Relaxed, Peaceful

The point of mediation is to relax and ease your mind. It can help you calm down or destress. 


If I said a lot of jokes to my friends I might feel...

Silly, Funny 

Some people like to be the class clown or the funny friend! Making people laugh can come from others doing silly things!

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